Rampage Jackson Discusses New Camp, Upcoming Fight with Wanderlei Silva, and His Secret Weapon

In a recent interview, MMAWeekly caught up with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to discuss his preparation for his upcoming UFC 92 fight with the “Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva. After a fallout with his former trainer Juanito Ibarra, Rampage discusses training with his new camp Wolfslair Gym in the U.K.

The managers and stuff over there are really good, and it’s just really a good atmosphere. The guys work really hard. I needed a change in my training and how people trained me. I’m a Werewolf, and the name of the gym is the Wolfslair. You do the math. I’m swimming now. It’s helping my cardio get a lot better. I’ve started lifting weights. What do you call it, strength and conditioning.

This fight will be the third time Rampage will face the Axe Murderer. In their first two encounters Rampage fell victim to brutal knees from Silva. But he discusses how this time Silva will be facing a wolf and not a pup.

I think this fight will be different because I think I’m more mature now. I’m a lot older, got a lot more experience. I fought Wanderlei both times when I was a kid, I feel like I was a kid in this sport. I got a little bit better skills now. I won’t have to fight Chuck Liddell first, and this time there won’t be so much pressure. We’re not fighting for any championship, we’re just going out there and fighting for money.

Another way this fight could be different is if Quinton uses his secret weapon in the clinch.

Wanderlei Silva has good breath. Yeah, I never smelled his breath. My breath is worse than Wanderlei’s. It’ll be my secret weapon this fight.

UFC 92 is going to be held on December 27 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This card is headlined by two title bouts as Antonio Rodrigo Nogiera faces Frank Mir for the interim UFC Heavyweight Championship and Rashad Evans takes on Forrest Griffin for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championshiip.


  1. lol Bad breath

  2. thats funny. whats crazy is that some fighters do use smell to their advantage. noone wants to roll with a guy who has bad b.o.

  3. Yeah the armpit can be a lethal weapon lol!

  4. dane drebin says:

    rampage is gunna need more than bad breathe to beat wandy

  5. it should be a war i don't see either guy going down easy, but i do feel this may be bad timing for rampage to take this fight.

  6. I think Rampage has come along way since the Pride fights. I also do not think that Wandy has adapted to the octagon as well. He seems unable to control the fight like he used to. Which i think is due to the size of the cage. He also has not used the cage to his advantage by pinning his opponent there and working his clinch game.

    With that said both of the previous fights were wars. I'm looking forward to this and hope that it does not disappoint or end in a premature stoppage.

  7. this is gunna be a really good fight!!

  8. Yes it is.

  9. I hope jackson have some type of weapons because wandy got him the last couple of fights.

    I hope this new camp teaches him some new sh%$. This is going to be a dam good fight.

  10. See, thats already going to be in Rampage's head, so I think that gives Silva a very slight advantage before they even step into the ring.

  11. Wouldnt it make sense that winner of the Wandy, Rampage fight could be declared the number one contender. Either way Rampage prolly still gets his rematch with Forrest.

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