Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Pleads Guilty, Will Serve No Jail Time


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson today pleaded guilty to one count of felony evading police and one count of misdemeanor reckless driving, stemming from a July 15th arrest in Costa Mesa, California.

“Today, Quinton entered into a plea agreement that was fashioned to place more time between the instance and the resolution. The agreement is analogous to a deferred entry of judgment in that the plea to count two, evading a peace officer and driving against traffic, will be withdrawn and dismissed at the end of one year if Quinton’s doctors are assured that he has maintained good physical and mental health and he has complied with the other terms of the agreement. He will be seeing his doctor’s regularly with bimonthly reports provided to the district attorney. He will also perform 200 hours of community service, which will be designed to reach as many young people as possible.” – OCR

Rampage Reacts to Decision


  1. I think its bullshit he isnt doing a little time, shit if you get caught drinking and driving you gotta do one weekend. BUT I am glad to see he pleaded guilty and is accepting responsibility for his actions like a man. Good for you rampage.

  2. Shogun of Harlem says:

    Steveo this just shows confirmation of what i have said for years. There is laws for the middle class and then there are separate laws for those with money.

  3. if it was me id still be in jail

  4. Shogun of Harlem says:

    We got the best legal system that money can buy. We also have the best government that money can buy. Sad to say but its true.

  5. I wonder if there will be a civil suit involving that girl who lost her baby.

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