Quinton Ramage Jackson vs Rashad Evans Could Happen, December In Memphis


Rampage is claiming in a video by Computer Cowboy TV, that he will be fighting Rashad Evans in December. UFC 107 is expected in early December. Rampage, who was born in Memphis, has been pushing for the UFC to come to his hometown for some time. Here’s the transcript via the Potato.

Computer: Hey everybody, it’s Computer. You may remember me as the personal assistant from Three Six Mafia’s old reality show, Adventures in Hollyhood. I’m here with my friend Quinton Jackson. Quinton, would you like to say a few words?

Jackson: Hey guys, Rampage here. My friend Computer and I are from the Southern United States; you should already know what that implies. By the way, I punch people in their mouths. I know, it’s not really relevant to the conversation at hand, but I’m a little intoxicated, and it’s what I do.

Computer: It’s true, he does do that! Man, it’s great to be from Memphis, Tennessee! Speaking of which, Rashad Evans is going to get knocked out, sooner rather than later.

Jackson: Specifically, in Memphis this December.

Computer: Fighting’s great.

Jackson: Yes, It certainly is.

Computer: Indeed.

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  1. Paradoxx says:

    UFC 107: Birth of a Gatekeeper

  2. ha

  3. Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez in works for UFC 104 in Los Angeles on Oct. 24

    Hell yeah my Boy Carwin will walk throw cain in the First round hands down watch it..

  4. I really hope Rampage beats the crap out of Evans…man i really dislike him…

  5. I'm going to have to agree with you on this one Tim…I've hated Rashad since tuf 2, and i was waiting for him to lose…the anticipation to see him lose since he was undefeated was great when Machida knocked his head around. I hope Rampage does the same.

  6. when was this top shot of Joe interviewing Rampage?…and why does he look so angry at Cuba Gooding Jr.?!

  7. I agree with Tim and Al… I hate Evans and the showboat things he does while fighting, it retarded. Matt Hughes told him about in TUF 2, but Rashad continues to do it. I laughed when Machida KO'd Evans

  8. I laughed about through that entire fight…watching evans stumbling all over himself as one whiff after another…and machida just looking at him like rashad was in slow mo!

  9. i think we're all in agreement on this one folks!

    but on the point why doesn't Spider's Showboating annoy anyone like it does to me?!

  10. That's not showboating!! That man just obviously LOVES Elvis!!! And who doesn't?! or..or is that just me?

  11. mike, i hate anderson and his showboating, just as much as Rashad and his. anderson needs to try to finish an opponent, instead of dancing around like elvis. Its a fight, not a dance off. Hopefullly forrest will go in there and make anderson fight, instead of dance.

  12. How can you fight a dick like Thalis leitus if he keeps laying on the ground. Anderson had a choice to keep it standing. Leitus had him on the ground and didnt do anything. If Anderson really fights to his full potential Forrest will be done in 1:00 minute. Its just there is no one in the ufc that can go toe to toe with him at full speed. I say let him test his skill against a k1 fighter like Michael Mcdonald

  13. I love his albums!

  14. Anderson did the same against Cote. It looked to me Silva didnt want to get hit by Cote and danced around in that fight. I believe he is trying not to lose instead of trying to win. I think Griffin will do better than you think in that fight.

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