Politics: Chael Sonnen Runs For Oregon State Representative

It looks like a title shot against Anderson Silva is not the only thing that is in Chael Sonnens mind. The UFC middleweight contender announced his bit for Oregon State Representative. VoteSonnen.com

Funny, no where does it mention he is a UFC Fighter,

Sonnen was an All-American, two-time national Greco-Roman champion, and alternate for the 2000 U.S. Olympic team.

Today, Chael has settled back in his hometown of West Linn where he sells real estate, runs his business and Chael coaches West Linn’s All-Phase youth wrestling club where he volunteers his time supporting young athletes.

This is not the first time a fighters has run for a political position in Oregon. Matt “The Law” Lindland also ran for State Representative a couple years back.

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