Picture Of Randy Couture Filming The Scorpion King Sequel

If you haven’t heard by now, Randy The Natural Couture had a fallout with the UFC and resigned his position of UFC Heavyweight Champion and main event commentator.

Couture faxed a letter of Resignation to the UFC while filming the movie The Scorpion King — Rise of the Akkadian” in Africa. Randy takes the roll of lead villain in the move. Below is a good picture of Randy in costume.

randy couture scorpion king
hat tip UFCgirls


  1. Wow, Couture as a villain. Even with good acting I wonder if I could ever buy that. If anyone gets the chance, check out "Romeo Must Die". There are fights between Tito Ortiz/Chuck Liddell and then Randy Couture/Jet Lee. Really funny to watch.

  2. Good move by Randy….why risk your health or life for chump change. Boxers get paid a lot more (ex: Pacquiao vs. Barerra @ $5M each) even though UFC can outsell them with tickets and PPV.

  3. i dont think he looks to great in that costume.I think he should have went a differnet way with it.

  4. Morey … Romeo Must Die??? I think you mean : Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) ;-)

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