Picture: Cung Le as Tekken’s Martial Law

TG: BloodyElbow


  1. I was hoping they would cast him as Lei and have Tony Ja as Martial Law. Not bad though.

  2. I didn't know there was going to be a Tekken movie, when is it coming out?

  3. Rex Leon says:

    Great choice but he needs to get cut. If he is going to portray Bruce lee I mean Marshal Law…

  4. he is cut but this photo looks like it was taken before he got his work out in. When you get a work out in then get oiled up you can be more ripped. especially if you cut out all your water weight like body builders do

  5. this picture was probably taken from his home.. he needs a serious makeover

  6. Cobra Clutch says:

    if that's his home then IT needs a serious make-over. hahaha. maybe it was on-set or something. looks like the inside of a trailer. could be after make-up.

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