Roger Huerta vs. War Machine Possible, Fight In October Still On

Jon War Machine Koppenhaver looks to put his one year stint in jail behind him and forward his mixed martial arts career. Today we confirmed with War Machine that he has agreed to fight Roger Huerta on Nov. 26th in Texas, but the contracts have yet to been signed. He also confirmed that his fight with Gideon Ray is still on Oct. 15th in Chicago.


“Yeah, finally handled some details on this deal and now moving forward on this fight. [@RogerHuerta]“

War Machine Pre-Incarceration Interview

Following his loss to John Alessio at Tachi Palace Fights 5, TUF vet War Machine talks about what he’s going trough just days away from having to serve a one year sentence in jail for his role in a San Diego bar brawl.

War Machine “Ill Be Doing a Year In Jail”

Looks like the hammer of law has finally struck former UFC fighter War Machine,

“Weak! Looks like Ill be doing a year in San Diego County jail. Prolly gonna go in about 2 weeks..ugh. Gonna be SO boring! No delicious food, no training, no wifee, no friends. Whatever tho when I get out my partners and I will be opening our sick gym in Austin Texas and Ill be righ back to fighting. Jail is DUMB. All it does is press the PAUSE button on your life. What’s it supposed to teach you? Anyway, who knows some bad ass books I should read!?” [Twitter]