Pettis vs Aldo, Josh Barnett rejects UFC, Vitor on TRT, and TUF 17

Anthony Pettis was quickly granted his wish to fight featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Dana White confirmed that the two will meet on August 3rd of this year for the UFC Featherweight Championship. So where does this leave Frankie Edgar who has decided that he will not rejoin the ranks of the UFC’s Lightweights.

The UFC offered Josh Barnett a contract, but Barnetts manager says they rejected the offer. When asked was it a money issue, Barnett’s manager was quoted as saying “The compensation part of the contract was fine, we didn’t even counter it. It was another particular that kept it from happening”. It makes it wonder if it could be some type of clause that deals with PED’s.

Speaking of PEDS. I wonder if Michael Bisping was aware that his opponent Vitor Belfort had the green light on taking TRT prior to their bout last month. Well he did, and it’s just another example of how uneven the UFC’s playing field is becoming.

On the third episode of TUF 17, Urijah Hall scored a devastating knockout over his opponent, one that I’m sure everyone in that house will remember. Furthermore he propelled Team Sonnen to 2-0, and once again in control of the next pick.

Vitor Belfort TKO’s Michael Bisping! Belfort vs Sonnen?

This past Saturday we were treated to an entertaining MMA event for free 99 on FX.

The first bout in the main event at UFC on FX 7 was Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Thiago Tavares.

Tavares had been on a winning streak tearing through his opponents, however this streak came to an abrupt halt with he met Nurmagomedov in the cage. It only took a couple of minutes for Nurmagomedov to TKO Tavares, and validate to the MMA world that he is yet another UFC Lightweight that is quickly working his way into title contention.

Nurmagomedov now boasts an MMA record of 19-0, while having a 3-0 record with the UFC. In a heavyweight match we witnessed Gabriel Gonzaga go back to his roots, and submit former IFL champ Ben Rothwell.

Gonzaga was craft with his BJJ, and even used the big screen to his advantage while trying to position himself for a submission of Rothwell. Meanwhile, CB Dolloway defeated Daniel Sarafian by split decision and made it two wins in a row. This fight was competitive from beginning to end and earned fight of the night honors. Last but not least was the main event, which ended pretty quickly.

I think most people thought that it wouldn’t last long once they saw a chiseled Vitor Belfort enter the Octagon. Belfort skills were on point as he easily defeated Bisping by TKO. However, his physique and physical appearance might have gotten more attention than his accomplishments in the ring that night, which raises the question, is Belfort back on the PED program.

Proud Brazilians as They Cheer for their Hometown Hero at UFC on FX 7

Brazilian MMA fans went home happy and proud last night as their hometown hero Brazilian Vitor Belfort KO Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7 at the Geraldo Jose De Almeida State Gymnasium, Sao Paolo, Brazil. This is also a double celebration as UFC returns once more to this beautiful and proud country.

Belfort put an end to Bisping’s run for Anderson Silva’s title as he delivered a TKO using head kick and punches in just a minute and 27 seconds in round 2.  “The Count” was already on the canvass before he was hit and this allowed “The Phenom” to further deliver punches and this finished Bisping after a few more moves.

For those who are looking for great UFC on FX 7 Belfort versus Bisping action, you can view their video on YouTube as Belfort delivers a “monster” knock out that ended the match as early as the second round.

And after this momentous win, Vitor Belfort now calls for a rematch with Jon Jones. Adding to this challenge, he also called Chael Sonnen a “clown.” He admits that he challenged Jones after feeling that he still has unfinished business with the champion. Jon Jones is scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen later this year and Belfort is raring to get it one with Jones. Fans on the other hand can’t wait for Jones versus Sonnen and even when these great fighters coach new contenders on UFC reality show this year.

Looking back at the winners of UFC of FX 7 last Saturday, here are the results of this amazing Brazilian event: this is C.B. Dollaway’s night as he wins over Daniel Sarafian via split decision. Gabriel Gonzaga on the other hand wins via submission with a guillotine choke over Ben Rothwell in just a minute of the second round; another impressive win was Khabib Nurmagomedov over Thiago Tavares via TKO in less than two minutes of the first round! Godofredo Castro won via split decision over Milton Vieira, Ronny Markes won via unanimous decision over Andrew Craig and Nik Lentz won via unanimous decision as well over Diego Nunez. Other winners were Edson Barboza, Ildemar Alcantara and Francisco Trinaldo against Lucas Martins, Wagner Prado and C.J. Keith. The third event between Pedro Nobre and Iuri Alcantara on the other hand was a no contest after an accidental foul was ruled by the judges on the first round of the fight.