Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne Full Fight Video

UFC 130 took place May 28, 2011. The card featured a heavyweight showdown between Stefan Struve and Travis Browne.

Stefan Struve entered the UFC in 2009 and fought Junior Dos Santos at UFC 95. He entered this fight with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. He is known for his enormous height and reach. He has knockout and submission skills.

Travis Browne entered the Octagon in 2010. His first fight was The Ultimate Fighter Finale against James McSweeney. This fight against Struve would only be Browne’s 3rd fight in the UFC. His fight record was 1 win and 1 draw.

Round 1: Both fighters meet in the center and touch gloves. Browne immediately goes for a leg kick but misses. Struve moves in and Browne throws a one, two combo that misses. Both fighters move in and Browne lands a leg kick. Struve lands one right back. Struve moves forward as Browne circles on the outside.

Browne feints twice and then throws a one, two punch combo that lands slightly. Struve backs up for a second. Browne moves in and both fighters throw and land a leg kick simultaneously. Struve backs up for one second and blasts forward with a superman punch. Browne ducks it, then both fighters lock up in a clinch.

Struve works Browne up into the cage, and Browne lands a knee to the body. Browne follows that up with a short elbow, then reverses the position to get Struve against the cage. Browne lands a knee to the body as he holds Struve against the cage. The ref steps in and separates the two. They re-engage.

Browne attempts a strong one, two combo with a wicked right hook to end it, but Struve circles away. Browne throws another right hand followed by a body kick. Browne lands another leg kick and Struve attempts a kick to the body, but Browne pushes him back. Browne pushes forward attempting two more strong right hands, and Struve circles out of the way.

Struve throws a front kick towards Browne’s head, but misses slightly. Browne attempts a couple of lead hooks that miss, then follows up with another leg kick. Struve follows that with a stiff jab that connects. Browne backs off momentarily. Struve throws a kick to the body but Browne catches the kick and holds it for a second until he breaks away.

Browne throws a wicked one, two hook combo, landing one. Struve ducks the other one, and Browne tries another hook combo. This time he misses both. Browne throws another hook and Struve returns fire with a straight jab and leg kick. Browne gets a takedown and works Struve into the side of the cage.

Browne tries to land some ground and pound, but Struve does a good job of defending. Struve manages to scramble to his feet and sinks in a d’arce choke on Browne. He is unable to get it and both men stand back up. Browne moves forward and lands 3 hooks in a row. 2 land strong, and the third lands slightly. Browne backs up for a second.

Browne and Struve engage each other. Browne throws a wicked right hook that lands right on the button. Struve goes down right on his back, and Browne lands two more solid hammer fists that makes the referee jump in and stop the fight.

Travis Browne defeats Stefan Struve by KO in round number 1.

Travis Browne: On His Career, Training and Jon Jones

Travis Browne is training for his next fight and this time it will be on August 4 at UFC on Fox 4. His opponent, Ben Rothwell, a heavyweight fighter with an impressive 32 wins, 8 losses and 0 draws on his card.

He was featured at Sherdog Radio Network’s Jordan Breen Show and he commented on his career, his preparation, training and of course training with Jon Jones. Here is his interview:

Regarding his career, Browne said: “There were two fights in my career that really stand out to me and made me realize what I have to do. The first one was Cheick Kongo. That one, it really opened up my eyes and showed me that, Trav, you’re not the biggest and baddest around. There’s other guys that can take your punches…you need to turn it on and become more skillful.”

He also mentions his fight with Rob Broughton where he learned to be at his best 24/7 and every day of the year. He added: “I don’t feel like he should have been able to stay in that cage for longer than five minutes with me, and he went three five-minute rounds with me. To me, I let myself down. I let my kids down. I let my family and my friends down and the fans because this is what I choose to do… I choose to do this and I’m going to be the best that I can be.”

Browne wants to be the best fighter in MMA and that money and fame is just second compared to becoming the best in his craft. And as he mentions training with Jon Jones, he said: “It’s a blessing. There’s times that, say, he’s sparring and I’m sitting on the outside waiting for my turn and I just like to watch him…being in the same camp as a guy like Jon Hones and watching him perform in the cage on a daily bases, it does nothing but help me.”

And his comments on his opponent Ben Rothwell for the upcoming event, he said that he expects him to be the best that he could be. He is sure that both of them will be the best fighters that the crowd will ever see on August 4 and it is going to be a great fight. “I will show people what it means to be a true heavyweight.”