Strikeforce “Payback” Officially Announced

strikeforce payback

Strikeforce announces Strikeforce “Payback” on October 4 from the Broomfield Events center in Bloomfield, CO.


Duane Ludwig vs. Sam Morgan
Frank Trigg vs. Phil Baroni

Tickets can be purchased now at, use password PAYBACK

Strikeforce Tournament Fighter Payouts


Strikeforce Tournament Salaries

Cung Le: $50,000
Trevor Prangley: $30,000
Alistair Overeem: $30,000
Brian Schwartz: $30,000
Falaniko Vitale: $20,000
Paul Buentello: $20,000
Jorge Santiago: $15,000
Sam Morgan: $10,000
Bobby Southworth: $10,000
Luke Stewart: $10,000
Dennis Hallman: $10,000
Alexander Crispin: $6,500
Sean Salmon: $5,000
Eric Lawson: $5,000
Jeremiah Metcalf: $5,000
Anthony Figueroa: $4,000
Anthony Ruiz: $3,500
Clint Coronel: $3,000
Lemont Davis: $2,000
Bryson Kamaka: $1,500
Josh Neal: $1,500
Chris Drumm: $1,000
Evan Esguerra: $1,000
Pete Sabala: $1,000

Total Attendance: 7,249, 5,621 paid
Total Earnings: $387,685
Total Fighter Payout: $275,000.

Strikeforce Tournament Results

Strikeforce Tournament Weigh-In Results


November 16, 2007


HP Pavilion in San Jose, California


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Middleweight Tournament

Main Event


  • Josh Neal (186) vs. Eric Lawson (184)
    Eric Lawson defeats Josh Neal by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:20 or R2.
  • Pete Sabala (137) vs. Anthony Figueroa (132)
    Anthony Figueroa defeats Pete Sabala by Split Decision
  • Clint Coronel (154.8) vs. Alex Crispin (155.5)
    Alex Crispin defeats Clint Coronel by Unanimous Decision
  • Chris Drumm (145) vs. Evan Esguerra (145.5)
    Chris Drumm defeats Evan Esguerra by Technical Draw (Punch to back of Drumm’s head) 2:35 of R2