The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13 Episode 9: “Then It Turned Ugly”

Last week on TUF, Chris and Ramsey kicked off the quarterfinals with dominating wins. Tonight, the quarters are concluded when Chuck gets his rematch with Zach and Ryan takes on Tony. When there are only four left, Dana announces the semifinal picks. But the night is not free of drama when one fighter crosses the line in the house.

Zach finds a confidence boost in knowing that he’s already beaten the guy he’s about to fight. This time he plans to switch it up, trying to keep it standing to show that he’s got more schools. But Junior also wants him to showcase what he does well, Jiu Jitsu, by getting Chuck down and submitting him again.

Back at the house, Chuck is asked what he’s going to do with the $5K from his win. He says he wants to give some to Charlie (to help Charlie out to see the son he hasn’t seen in over a year) but Charlie doesn’t have the heart to take Chuck’s hard-earned money.

Brock is impressed with the 180 that Chuck has done since his initial loss to Zach. He wants to see that same Cold Steel fighter show up for this fighter. According to Brock, he’s improved greatly and thinks this fight could have a different outcome.


Both are swinging immediately. Both land short jabs. Zach goes for a head kick that grazes Chuck. But Chuck is much more offensive, swinging big and hard and connecting. Zach shoots and pins Chuck against the cage, landing several knees in the clinch. Chuck gets in a few knees of his own, but Zach is working for the takedown. Zach finally gets a leg, but can’t get Chuck down. He continues to work Chuck’s body but they are warned to progress. After being restarted, they exchange leg and body kicks, with Chuck landing a huge one. As they continue to exchange kicks, you can see a mouse forming over Zach’s left eye. Kick after kick and Chuck finally throws a right that puts Zach off balance. Zach recovers and charges Chuck backwards into the clinch. While Zach tries to pull Chuck’s leg down, Chuck pelts him with short jabs to the head. Zach backs off slightly, and is able to throw a solid head shot, but also allows Chuck to throw a big one or two. Zach ducks back down and Chuck tries to grab onto his neck for a choke, but Zach gets out. Zach backs up again and Chuck throws a bomb that rattles Zach. Zach stumbles back and Chuck comes at him hard, swinging relentlessly. Zach tries to cover and back up to get away and just as it looks like it might get stopped, he gets out of reach. Chuck catches up and tries to repeat as the bell rings.

Swinging immediately, but Zach loses his balance and slips. Chuck jumps on him, and ends up in his guard but very quickly lets Zach up. Both are more tentative on their feet now with Zach throwing kicks in slow motion. Chuck comes at Zach with big straight arms, but Zach drops and shoots at Chuck’s waist, nearly getting him down. In the clinch, Zach drops and pulls Chuck down with him, but he can’t get him entirely into his guard. Refusing to stay on the ground, Chuck gets off and backs up. But Zach won’t give up, shooting on him again. Clinching, Zach is mostly just leaning on Chuck. Neither of them is doing much — a few weak knees or jabs. They are restarted and Chuck throws several unanswered combos. Chuck chops at Zach legs with solid kicks. Zach’s answers are half-hearted. Chuck continues to push, landing three times as many shots. Zach gives a last ditch effort at a takedown but fails. The round ends with both on their feet.

Winner: Chuck O’Neil via Decision

The last fight was so close, but this time Chuck brought it and really avenged himself. Dana says that Chuck might not be the best striker, the best wrestler, etc., but he is the toughest.

Zach is beside himself, punching doors on his way out. Chuck is just blown away — the kid went from alternate, to wild card, to semifinalist, all in a few weeks.

At Team Lesnar’s training session, Brock works with Tony on a gameplan. He hopes that Tony looks as good in the octagon as he has in training. He thinks Tony is a well-rounded guy, but he worries that he’s too “fancy” when in a dominant position.

Back in the house, Chuck gives props Zach for taking every bomb he threw. Everyone agrees that the kid’s got heart. Zach then returns from the eye doctor, where he has learned that he has torn the retinas in both eyes. They did immediate laser surgery in both eyes. While he didn’t lose any vision, the doctor has warned him that he cannot fight in the future because of the risk of permanent vision. When he tells Chuck, Chuck feels guilty and hugs him. Just when Zach was finally making something of his fight career, getting past being paid $100 to fight in parking lots, he has stop. Wow, that sucks.

As the “weakest link” on Team Dos Santos, Ryan is looking to use that as inspiration and prove everybody wrong. His daughter is who he’s doing it all for, and he just hopes that she understands that.


Ryan swings first but his jab is checked. Both are very tentative. Both throw combos that get checked or dodged. Ryan steps in for a right and Tony catches him with a left uppercut. At first Ryan seems okay, but then he stumbles backward into the fence. Tony pounces on him and unleashes a barrage of fists and the ref jumps in to stop it.

Winner: Tony Ferguson via KO

Ryan can’t even look at his daughter’s picture because he feels like he let her down. Junior advises him to keep going and never give up. He wants them to believe that whatever happens is meant to make us stronger. Now the pressure is on Ramsey to take the team to winner’s circle.

The guys are all gathered the next day to hear the semifinal fight announcement:

Ramsey vs. Chris — The #1 guy versus the guy who everyone keeps counting out.
Tony vs. Chuck — Yes, it’s teammate vs. teammate, but both see it as business only. Fireworks will ensue.

At the house, the celebration begins. Alcohol is flowing, the music is pumping and a good time is being had (stripper Ramsey makes his appearance, as usual). But it was all fun and games until it turned ugly. Before cutting to commercial, it looks like Chris pours a beer down Tony’s back. Tony chases him into the next room and jumps on him angrily. The last thing we hear is, “You like beer?!?”

We come back to hear Charlie laughing, but see Tony’s forearm in Charlie’s face. Charlie tries to calm Tony down, but his efforts are failing. Tony brings up Charlie’s son which is a low blow that really pushes Charlie to the edge. It takes most of the guys to keep them apart. Everyone is shocked to see this side of Tony, and it appears that everyone sides with Charlie on this one. However Tony doesn’t think he didn’t do anything wrong and once again it takes more than one person to keep Charlie from killing Tony. Chuck has suddenly found his motivation to beat Tony.

I really used to like Tony.

Next week: Tony faces the consequences of his actions, having burned every last bridge he had in the house. And the last four fighters face off in the semifinals.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13 Episode 3: “Chicken Salad”

Previously on TUF, Keon Caldwell called it quits, leaving an open spot on Team Dos Santos. Underdog Chris Cope fought his way to a 3rd round decision over Javier Torres, giving Team Lesnar a needed win and now, fight control. Who will Lesnar pick for fight #3?

Team Lesnar gets right to training, but apparently some of the guys took Lesnar’s previous “Chicken Shit” comments to heart. They swear that none of them are chicken shit! Brock tries to clear the air and explain that he meant that prior to the show they were no one fighters. But now, under the tutelage of Brock, they are becoming real fighters. Gee, the guys don’t seem to be appeased by Lesnar’s explanation.

Later, Team Dos Santos welcomes their newest member, Justin Edwards, who bears a striking resemblance to Randy Couture. He is taken in warmly and they get right to work. Coach Lew discusses how he feels as a coach and wonders if they are doing all they can to really prepare these guys. He pushes them hard in training (with some curious looks from JDS in the process) which results in Shamar getting cut while rolling. JDS now expresses his concern with Lew’s training style — being mean is not just not his thing.

Moving on to the fight announcement, Team Lesnar chooses his own Len Bentley (sensing that Len has been on edge and anxious lately) to fight Ryan McGillivray. Not really sure I understand Lesnar’s strategy here…his #1 vs. JDS’s #2?

Back at the house, we finally see the guys coming together and bonding. Len and the rest of Team Lesnar have noticed that teammate Chris Cope has been spending an awful lot of time with the opposition. Chuck tries to alert Chris of their observations, but Chris laughs it off and seemingly ignores it.

At training, Len pulls Brock aside and expresses his concern that Chris has been watching him practice and is afraid that he will spill the beans to the other side. Brock tries to allay his fears, but he still doesn’t want his gameplan discussed in front of Chris…just in case. He claims to not be afraid, but obviously if he’s mentioning it to Brock, he is.

Again, Dos Santos is concerned about how hard Coach Lew is pushing the guys. JDS feels like he has taken it too far, so he pulls him aside to remind him who’s boss. He emphasizes that it’s a team effort and that the coaches need to work together to make decisions. A win is a win for the team, not Coach Lew. Thankfully Lew takes it well and agrees to back off.

Unfortunately, at this point, Ryan is weighing in a 180 with weigh-ins looming at 4:00. And so the weight dropping process begins. Coach Lew rattles off a massive list of the tools needed to shed the 10 pounds — Epsom salts? Blankets? A bath? Wow, whatever works. When the moment of truth arrives, Len weighs in no problem, as does Ryan. Big bullet dodged there.

In a moment of déjà vu, Lesnar explains that something has come up in his personal life and that he won’t be there for the fight. He feels the need to add that his personal life comes first; and everybody knows that. Ummm…ok? Didn’t like it when Rampage did it; don’t like it now.

Both guys seem anxious, but determined to win it for their team. This could be interesting.


Both come out swinging with combos and Bentley is the first to connect. He comes at McGillivray hard with a body kick. He continues to charge and gets McGillivray on his back. He pounces and looks to maintain control. He briefly ends up in his guard, all the while alternating between fists and elbows. This continues in an awkward version of side control until Bentley allows McGillivray up. On their feet, Bentley is more aggressive and is swinging for the fences. McGillivray starts swinging big too and finally lands a shot that drops Bentley. McGillivray ends up in his guard and Bentley immediately wraps his legs around and reaches up to pull his neck down. McGillivray pushes Bentley up against the cage for leverage, but Bentley uses it to his advantage instead, trying to trap one of McGillivray’s arms. McGillivray tries to turn out but Bentley is not letting go of the arm. Just as it seems McGillivray is going to tap, he gets out of it and turns the tables on Bentley. He reverses and gets Bentley in a neck crank. McGillivray holds onto the choke but Bentley is turning red as the round ends.

That round totally made up for the last 2 (crap) fights. Shogun, sitting next to Dana, asks, “Who even won that round?” Good question, indeed.

Huge left from McGillivray connects to start, but Bentley eats it. Same pace from the last round in the exchange. Neither seems gased. Nice body kick from Bentley is checked. Several combos from both and both are taking the shots like they’re nothing. Now McGillivray takes a shot to the chin. Spinning backfist from Bentley, but it lands sloppily to McGillivray’s back. McGillivray charges at Bentley and peppers him until he pins Bentley against the cage. McGillivray looks for a takedown but Bentley is doing well at defending. They clinch with Bentley landing some serious knees to McGillivray’s kidneys. Back to the center, they continue to throw bombs (and another unsuccessful spinning backfist for Bentley). Bentley throws in some leg kicks for good measure. The pace starts to slow and the round ends with the two just duking out in slow mo.

Winner: Ryan McGillivray (Majority Decision)

Now that was a brawl. Both guys came to fight and they brought it hard. One judge even scored it 19-19 and I completely see how. Of course Len is bummed out, but Dana comes to him and tells him he has nothing to be embarrassed about. That’s how you fight and he should be proud. Besides, anything can happen on this show…the wildcard is still a factor that could be in his favor.

A very proud Ryan kisses his daughter’s picture and is overcome by tears of joy. Having missed his daughter’s birthday, this meant more to him than just a fight. I always love to see a fighter with a soft spot.

Next week: Team Lesnar wonders if Ramsey realizes he’s there to fight (naked antics, oh boy). MMA legend Matt Hughes makes a visit to the gym for some training time. And Team Dos Santos makes their pick for fight #4. Good luck topping that last fight, boys.