Ryan Bader KO’d by Lyoto Machida

Ryan Bader made it to the second round before he got knocked cold by Lyoto Machida. Bader couldn’t have looked more frustrated as the fight wore on. With inefficient attempts to get close enough to even hit Machida, let alone go for a takedown, Bader instead tried to rush him. At the end Machida called it right and knocked Bader out with his right hand in the second round at 1:32.

With a slow start behind him, Machida tried to draw in Bader using hand movements and was then able to kick Bader in the body and left him marked up. There was no doubt left that Machida owned this fight and it was only a matter of time before we’d see Bader go down.

This was a big win for Machida since Dana White said earlier that a title fight would go to one of the four light-heavyweights in the main card that were the most impressive. This means that Bader’s out but Brandon Vera and Mauricio Rua are still in the running.

After the fight Machida was pleased with his performance and said that he was feeling very well. He also added, “The Dragon’s back.”

Bader now sits at 14-3 after his last two wins while Machida is at 18-3 since his last fight loss to Jones.

This was more of a blink-your-eyes-and-it’s-over type of match and while you couldn’t say that it was the most dominating fight by Machida he certainly seemed to control things from the start. Bader couldn’t connect with a serious strike and as soon as he did make his move it was over.

In all likelihood Machida will end up being the number one contender for the light heavyweight UFC title. It’s unlikely that Vera or Rua will have a victory that’s more dominant than what was seen in this fight.

Ryan Bader’s Fight for a Title

Ryan Bader is known as a top player in combat sports such as Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is a prospective top fighter but things did changed when he lose two fights from Tito Ortiz and Jon Jones. It did not only affect his career but was surprised with the outcome. Losing in two fights consecutively is a shocking performance in his career.

With a fighting spirit, Bader did not let his previous bad fight further affect him. He was able to rise up again and fight his way back by scoring consecutive wins. Finally, he was on his best shape again to show that he has what it takes to be a champion.

In his stand to win in all his fight, he is getting himself ready on his next fight. He is set to fight with an old time Champion Lyoto Machida. He is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and having a fight with him serves as another challenge that Ryan Bader need to overcome. He is looking forward for their match in Los Angeles, California. Their game is set on August 3, 2012 at UFC on Fox 4. With a positive frame of mind to win the game, achieving this is an opportunity for him to unfold his strength. This will be another victory over a past UFC champion. Bader mentioned that such accomplishment is also winning his battle against Dana White. This achievement will give back his title and any debate against his previous loses will soon be settled.

Bader is excited on his next fight with Champion Lyoto Machida. This can be another stepping stone towards fulfilling his dreams in getting back into the limelight as a champion. Ryan Bader further mentioned that it would be great to win against two other fighters. This will help build up his career and transform him into a great champion. He is also looking forward to have a match with Quinton Jackson after Machida. Another great game to consider is a rematch with Jones and Dan Henderson. He is positive that he will emerge as a winner on another fight at UFC 151 on September 2012.

Bader is vocal in saying that all the players he is expecting to have a fight with are fighting with goals to defend their title. This means that they are tough fighter and winning against them will give him the best opportunity to prove his capabilities as a combat sports fighter.

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