Rousey Still Bantamweight Champion

Ronda Rousey is still the women’s bantamweight champion as she retains her crown after the Strikeforce “Rousey versus Kaufman” match on Saturday at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego.

Rousey submitted Sarah Kaufman with an armbar and the former champion tapped out of the match in just 54 seconds of round one. Rousey remains undefeated and unchallenged in her impressive career. She is known for finishing all of her opponents with an armbar in just seconds of the first round of the match. She was interviewed after her very short match up with Kaufman and she was quick to reply: “I have great coaches and I listened to what they said.”

The fight was an outstanding headliner indeed; Rousey was seen in punches as she eventually brought her opponent to the ground. Rousey immediately mounted and transitioned to deliver her famous armbar technique without any hesitation. There were of course several struggles from Kaufman but she was fruitless from Rousey’s already practiced maneuver, she had nowhere else to go but surrender to the champion’s move. To note, this was Kaufman’s second defeat as a professional fighter.

When interviewed after their match, Kaufman said: “Ronda put on a great performance. I’m embarrassed by my performance. I don’t know what else to say. Ronda did a great job of getting the armbar. I defended, but she ended up getting it. I’m really disappointed. I wanted to land some good, quality strikes but it didn’t happen tonight.”

After this match, Rousey had her attention focused on Cristiane Santos, a 145 pound champion who is expected to return to the fight in December after getting a positive test for performance enhancing drugs. Rousey was a little rowdy as she mentions: “People want to see you in the first fair fight of your life. I’m the champ now. The champ doesn’t go to you. You come to the champ. Come down to 135 and let’s settle this.”

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is just 25 years old, a native of Santa Monica, California, USA. She is a bantamweight champion with 6 wins over submissions and has never lost in her life. She has managed to submit impressive fighters like Ediane Gomes, Charmaine Tweet, Sarah D’Alelio, Julia Budd, Miesha Tate and the latest is Sarah Kaufman. All of the six fighters were beaten in just under a minute of the first round with an armbar move.

Sarah Kaufman on Ronda Rousey’s Training Hype

Sarah Kaufman, bantamweight challenger thinks that people are underestimating her ability to snatch the title from Ronda Rousey. Rousey has been getting so much attention regarding her title defense match against Kaufman which made the later think that more and more fans are making a big deal of her training rather than the fight itself.

Kaufman was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network “Beatdown” Show and she said: “They’re forgetting that I had the Strikeforce title. They’re almost looking at it like, oh, I have no fights and I’m just some scrub who’s getting in the cage and I’m going to get killed in five seconds. You know, Ronda’s only had five fights. Looking at that, on paper you would think that I would actually have the advantage but people are clearly on the Ronda hype train, and hype changes how people perceive fights.

Ronda Rousey’s fame is certainly unexpected. She is a bronze medalist in judo at the 2008 Olympics and she became Strikeforce Champion in just a matter of five fights. Meisha Tate even loss to Rousey in March. She was all over town with so many advertisements and promotions before the fight like photo shoots for leading sports network and magazine edition called “The Body Issue”. She even had a special appearance at Conan O’Brien Show on TBS.

But when is extra media too much? “Ronda has done, and been able to do, a lot of really good things when it comes to extra media and things that get people talking” Kaufman replied. “ESPN Body Issue and ringing the bell [at the New York Stock Exchange] there’s just a lot of things happening that should get coverage and I’m glad they have gotten coverage.” Kaufman however admitted that she is actually winning to spar with Rousey verbally but she says that this is really not her style.

“I’m trying to hype the fight in a way that I deem  appropriate for myself.” Kaufman also mentions that although a fight needs to be hyped, there is no need to make up something and engage in a word battle. “I’m the former champion, lost my one fight. I’m really looking at this as I’m coming back… If people want to kind of overlook me and think that I’m just going to get stepped on really fast, that’s great for me because I’m considered an underdog and who doesn’t like being an underdog?”


Ronda Rousey Strikes Michael Phelps and Provides a Back Seat Look at the Olympics

Ronda Rousey, Strikeforce bantamweight woman’s champion, talks about condoms, the Olympics and Michael Phelps of all things. At one of her recent interviews this MMA star didn’t hold back on her feelings about all of these subjects. She especially socked it to Michael Phelps and told him to get a life. Oh my!

Rousey did not have any kind words to say about Phelps’ behavior during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where she was battling it out on the judo mats. She said that Phelps stayed separate from the rest of the Olympian pack of athletes even when NBA stars like Kobe Bryant would mingle with the rest of the crowd. During the taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael stayed backstage so that he wouldn’t be harassed by the rest of the Olympians.

When the members of the US team would head over to a club Phelps again kept his distance. According to Ronda Rousey, she found this behavior annoying and would like to know who he thinks he is to be acting this way. Rousey stated that she felt like she was being treated like a groupie and that she’d have a lot more respect for Phelps if he was slapped each time before entering the pool.

Asked for her feelings about the upcoming Olympics, she tells the Olympians that are heading to England to wear condoms. According to Rousey there’s going to be a lot of people in great shape congregating together in the one Olympic Village. She says that sometimes things can get pretty crazy and wild at the Olympics and the only advice that she would give to these athletes: condoms.

She also added that there were many occasions when Olympians could get together in a low-key atmosphere that didn’t involve partying between events. She mentioned that the cafeteria was one of her favorite places in the Village and that everyone would sit at the same table no matter how cool or famous they were. Unlike a high school cafeteria, there is no table where only the cool kids get to sit.

It seems that Michael Phelps just got a bit too into himself. The legend of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing has taken a hit by Rousey and it will be interesting to see if he strikes back. Perhaps the two should just take it to the cage for 5 minutes to get it out of both of their systems.