MMA Machida and Shogun Topping The Payroll List

Salaries for MMA fighters are held in the public record even though they do not have any type of union or collective bargaining. Players of any other major sports in the US also have their salaries listed for the world to see.

The top 10 earners for 2012 so far are listed below.

Here is a rundown of the highest wage earners for a single fight in the MMA today.

There may also be bonuses that have not been disclosed given to a fight from his promoter that do not appear in the figures above. As well, a fighter may also receive bonuses for fight of the night or for pay-per-view.

The salary for Mauricio Rua includes a win bonus of $70,000 for his fight against Brandon Vera. Other win bonuses included in the list above include $24,000 for Joe Lauzon, $43,000 for Mike Swick, $10,000 for Nam Phan, $12,000 for Rani Yahya, $10,000 for Phil De Fries, $18,000 for Manny Gamburyan and $9000 for John Moraga.

Rashad Wants to Fight Silva in MW

Rashad Evans has lost to Jon Jones and failed to take the UFC Light Heavyweight Title from the fighter. Now, he is exploring new avenues to take his fighting styles and strength; he mentions that he wants to take on the middleweight division and to possibly fight Anderson Silva.

Evans explains that he thought about moving to the middleweight division but was skeptical since the weight cut may be too hard to handle. He used to wrestle at 174 when he was in college and was used to cutting so much weight way back then. He added that although many may say that when you go down to a lower weight, you will become stronger; however, it is not like that at all.

There are fighters who have struggled at their particular weight level and have decided to go down another division thinking that they will become the strongest fighter there but instead they have become weaker in the process. The trick to fighting or wrestling is to compete in your natural weight which was what Evans was doing making him hesitant to cut more weight to reach the middleweight division.

The thoughts on fighting Anderson Silva: “Anderson is somebody I would love to fight because when it’s all said and done, whether you win or lose, to compete against the best in the sport is really what it’s all about. You know, if I can walk away from my career and say I competed against some of the best in the sport in my time and era, then I can wrap up and say I had a really great career. “Evans mentions that if the opportunity comes to fight Anderson Silva then he would drop to 185 to be able to fight.

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