Randy Couture signs deal with Spike TV for Bellator reality series

This season’s Ultimate Fighter featuring Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen has so far proved to be entertaining. Episode 2 aired Tuesday night, and featured the first quarterfinal matchup and the first fight since the 16 contenders for the TUF 17 entered the house.

Gilbert Smith of team Jones squared off against Luke Barnatt of team Sonnen. Many were puzzled by Jones choosing to put his number four pick up against the number one pick of Sonnen, including some of Smith’s teammates. In any case everybody’s doubts were correct when Barnatt scored a late KO of Smith in the second round of their match. Until that point, the fight was pretty much a draw, which can also raise the question, just how good is Sonnens number one pick. In any case Team Sonnen now has the advantage. On next week’s episode Chael Sonnen went with his No. 2 pick Uriah Hall to matchup against Team Jones’ No. 6 pick Adam Cella.

In other new UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture inked a mutil- year deal with Spike TV according to several media outlets. Couture will be a part of Bellators new reality based series that will be aired on Spike TV to fill the void for the departing TUF, Dana White obviously wasn’t happy about the decision. However, he was happy about Nick Diaz’s behavior in Montreal to promote his upcoming bout with GSP at UFC 158. White said Diaz, was cooperative, and even hung around to sign autographs for the fans.

Xtreme Couture Affiliate Program and News on Retiring from UFC 129

Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture MMA training center is very proud to announce their newest training initiative. A new Xtreme Couture MMA Affiliate program is set to debut as well as the first training center that will be certified: the Tightan Gym MMA & Fitness Club.

Xtreme Couture is one of the strongest and the most respected legends in the MMA and brand recognition is not a problem at all. Since the brand often promotes business success, there is no doubt that this affiliate program and training centers will be popular to people who wishes to learn professional MMA styles.

The affiliate program for Xtreme Couture MMA is all about finding eligible training centers that will be personally evaluated by an Xtreme Couture MMA coach; the coach will work with the center to certify instructors in learning the various MMA disciplines and styles. Once certified, training centers will be periodically evaluated to maintain their affiliate statues.

News of the first training center to receive Xtreme Couture MMA certification is Tightan Gym MMA and Fitness Center located at Astoria, NY. Jon Gallo, owner and operator of Tightan Gym was proud of his gym’s certification and was grateful of the Xtreme Couture MMA coach that visited his gym. He was also confident and very proud that Tightan Gym was the first gym to be certified and the first affiliate as well.

Randy Couture on the other hand was very glad of his first affiliate gym and is looking forward to working with more training centers in the future. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Light Heavyweight Champion officially retired from competition after a UFC 129 knockout loss to Lyoto Machida. He says that he is very comfortable with his decision and he does not feel an itch to come back.

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