Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture Full Fight Video

UFC 129 took place April 30, 2011. The card featured a light heavyweight showdown between two former UFC champions, Lyoto Machida and Randy Couture.

Round 1: Both fighters come out to the center. They circle each other trying to gauge the timing. Machida throws a straight jab that misses. Couture throws a jab of his own that misses. Couture pushes forward while Machida stays on the outside. Machida catches Randy coming in with a straight right.

Couture keeps moving forward while Lyoto counters on the outside. Machida looks extremely relaxed on the feet. Randy keeps his guard high and stays very cautious. Couture is the aggressor, constantly moving forward, but Machida is winning the exchanges.

Machida throws a straight left that lands, and Randy counters with a right. They clinch and throw punches at each other simultaneously. They separate and the battle continues. Couture continues to stalk Machida but hasn’t been able to do anything significant. Machida lands another quick 1, 2 punch combo while on the outside.

Randy looks determined not to let Machida overwhelm him, but seems puzzled on how to mount any offense. Meanwhile, Machida continues to pick Couture apart from the outside. Undaunted, Randy constantly moves forward. He is finally get his hands on Machida against the cage, but Lyoto immediately spins out of the position and backs away.

Couture moves in while Machida feints kicks on the outside. Randy gets a hold of Machida’s legs, but Lyoto is able to escape once again. The round ends with Randy stalking Machida in the center.

Round 2: They meet in the center once again. Randy starts moving forward immediately. Machida catches him with a straight left that drops Randy briefly. He gets back to his feet and continues to stalk Machida. Machida looks really comfortable standing and is throwing more strikes this round.

They face off in the center and Lyoto feints punches, then launches into the air with a flying front kick that drops Randy to the mat. Lyoto swarms him immediately and the ref steps right in to separate the two. Lyoto Machida defeats Randy Couture by KO in round 2.


The Ultimate Fighter 17 Ep. 8 Recap and what Don Frye Thinks of Brock Lesnar

Don Frye wildly accused Brock Lesnar of having fixed fights in the UFC. Then he went on to call him a swear word and a waste of flesh. Frye finds it hard to believe that Lesnar is a better wrestler than Randy Couture and a better fighter than Frank Muir. What do you think? Did the UFC fix these fights to promote Brock Lesnar as their next big star?

The Ultimate Fighter 17, episode 8 had the final preliminary fight, the coaches challenge, and the wildcard pick. The final preliminary fight showcased Team Jones’ Dylan Andrews and Team Sonnen’s Zak Cummings. Andrews stood firm through the first two rounds and defeat Cummings via a majority decision. Next was the coaches’ challenge, where $10,000 was on the line in a Jon Jones- Chael Sonnen matchup.

However, no punches were thrown, but rather heavy machinery was used to complete a bevvy of challenges. Jon Jones got out to a steady lead as Chael Sonnen struggled to stack tires with the excavator. However, it would be Jones’ folly in the end that would allow Sonnen to come back and seal the victory. Finally, the wild card choices are announced as Chael Sonnen makes the easy pick of Kevin Casey, while Jon Jones struggles to choose between top pick Clint Hester and underdog Robert “Bubba” McDaniel.

Pyle & Hieron Partner Up for a Power Play

Mike Pyle was recently interviewed regarding the possibility of his leaving MMA for an acting career.

Mike restated his dedication to MMA saying he would never leave.  He does, however have some acting chops as evidenced by a well received performance in the feature film UNIVERSAL SOLDIER:REGENERATION.  At the UFC Fan Expo this past July, actor, writer, producer Paul X. Campanella asked Randy Couture to give him the names of two fighters that he felt were talented and charismatic for supporting roles in an upcoming film.

Randy quickly replied “Mike Pyle and Jay Hieron”. Paul contacted the fighters, brought them to Hollywood to meet his production team and now, both are attached to the film POWER PLAY.  The producers are relying on the loyal and rabid fan base of MMA to launch the first ever, fully funded full length feature film using Crowd Funding.  Watch the video to see all the info on how YOU the MMA fan can support this Power Play Project. “I think we can make motion picture history” stated Paul. You can also follow on Twitter at @231pwr and Facebook at FansofPowerPlay.