Paulo Filho Setting His Sights On Robby Lawler and Strikeforce


Jorge Guimaraes the agent of former WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho:

“We have offered Paulo to Sengoku or Strikeforce and that is where we want, if possible straight into a fight with Robbie Lawler

“The contract of Bellator is cruel … It is a new event and we opted not to put Paulao there, because they did not want to put a clause in the contract that, if the guy is not fighting for four months, the contract loses its validity.”

“We were just victims of this in EliteXC, which was bought out and left athletes at its mercy and without fighting for a good while.”

The Bellator fight contract might have been to restrictive for the former WEC middleweight champion. A middleweight match up with Robbie Lawler could be in his future if Strikeforce can come to terms with both fighters. If not back to Japan and Sengoku, although Japanese MMA is going tough some rough times.


Paulo Filho Released By The WEC, UFC Future Unlikely

In today’s edition of the Wrestling Observer, it is reported that WEC light heavyweight champion Paulo Filho has been released by the WEC following his humiliating loss to Chael Sonnen at WEC 36.

“Not only will Paulo Filho ’s middleweight championship be forgotten, but Filho himself will be after his performance on the show, as it’s all but a lock that Filho won’t be moved to UFC,” one excerpt states.

“There is zero criticism I’ve seen of (Zuffa) cutting Paulo Filho, who was 16-0 coming into his fight (vs. Chael Sonnen) but his cut wasn’t over money but that the person who was in that cage has no business fighting at this time,” writes Observer publisher Dave Meltzer [via FiveOuncesofPain]

Filho said in a recent interview that he will be moving to LA to train with Anderson Silva. Hopefully he can get things in his life turned around and someday show some of his great talent to a US audience.

Paulo Filho Moving to LA, Want’s Sonnen Rematch, Possible Move to 205 lbs.

wec 36 filho vs. sonnen

WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho has “No Excuses” for his loss to Chael Sonnen at last nights WEC 36 event.

“What can I do, it’s sad… The fact is that I have no excuses, he (Sonnen) went there and did his job to neutralize me and that’s what happened, he did the right job and he has all merits… It was good to give me a new spirit”

Filho decides to move to Los Angles to begin training in the US.

(Train) Here will be good, everybody is coming here and that’s because it works. At Brazil we hadn’t a good training camp, and here I believe we’ll have a high level training

“The loss isn’t good, but that’s good to learn. We need more focus, responsibility, and the weight is a problem… What happened yesterday we’ll forget and start all over again. We’ll train here and get our rematch with Sonnen, and then go to light-heavyweight division” [Tatame]