Bobby Voelker versus Patrick Cote at UFC 158

Bobby Voelker, Strikeforce veteran, will make his Octagon debut by facing Patrick Cote in March 16 at UFC 158 for a much-awaited welterweight bout.

Patrick Cote was originally pitted against Alessio Sakara for a rematch fight but Sakara was forced to withdraw from the fight after suffering from an injury. “The Predator” will now have to make the weight to 170 pounds to face Voelker for a welterweight fight. The venue for UFC 158 is the Bell Centre in Montreal with a headline fight between long time UFC champion Georges St, Pierre and former Strikeforce fighter Nick Diaz.

Bobby “Vicious” Voelker is a 33 year old welterweight from Kansas City, Kansas, United States. He holds a superb record of 24 wins and 8 losses in his professional MMA career. His last fight was a TKO victory over Roger Bowling in Strikeforce – Challengers 17 in July 2011 in just 2 minutes and 16 seconds of round 2. This was his third time to meet Bowling; the second was in Challengers 11 in October 2010 via TKO again within round 2 of the fight and the first was in Challengers 8 in May 2010 where he lost via technical decision. During the span of Vicious’ professional career, he has faced and defeated famous fighters like Amir Rahnavardi,  Dominic Brown,  Ryan Braun, Nathan Looker and Matt Delanoit to name a few. When he was still fighting amateur MMA he held a perfect fighting record from 2002 to 2005 win no losses and no contest.

On the other hand, Patrick “The Predator” Cote is 32 year old middleweight from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. He holds 18 wins and only 8 losses in his professional career. His last fight was a win over Alessio Sakara in UFC 154 –St. Pierre versus Condit in November 17, 2012; he ended the fight in just a minute and 26 seconds of round 1. Before this, he suffered a loss via unanimous decision under Cung Lee at UFC 148- Silva versus Sonnen 2. He had four consecutive wins from 2011 to March 2012 as he conquered great fighters at AFC, Instinct Fighting and Ringside MMA.

This match will surely be much awaited by fans since Cote will have to keep trim and prepare hard to beat Voelker in the welterweight division. UFC 158 will also feature Johny Hendricks versus Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Condit versus Rory MacDonald.

Victory for Patrick Cote at UFC Prelims after Illegal Alessio Sakara Moves

The results of Alessio Sakara and Patrick Cote’s fight at UFC 154 “St. Pierre vs. Condit” are in. Illegal hammerfists to the back of Cote’s head disqualified Sakara on Saturday at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The most controversial fight ended in just 86 seconds of round one.

Cote was observed to pull out dirty boxing tactics on the start of the round but he was pinned to the cage by Sakara. The later began to finish off Cote with a pair of standing elbows and a right hand but Cote did a desperate move that helped him get out, he dived at Sakara’s legs in a futile attempt. Sakara realized this and began to strike Cote’s head with hammerfists which automatically led to his disqualification.

Cote was interviewed after the match and he mentioned: “I was expecting a war with Alessio and that’s exactly what he gave me.” Cote added: “But listen, there are rules for a reason. I wanted to give you the best show possible. If Sakara wants to fight me again, I’ll take him. We’re going to give you the best show possible.”

Sakara on the other hand was very apologetic about his move. “I already felt like he was out when I was throwing the elbows. When [Cote] went down, [the illegal shots] were not intentional. I didn’t have any intention to hit him [in the back of the head]. It was an adrenaline time in the moment. I’m sorry to finish the fight like this. Guys, I’m not a crazy guy. I’m a sporting guy. I’m sorry.”

Patrick “The Predator” Cote is a 32 year old middleweight from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. He has 18 wins and 3 losses record since he started his professional MMA career. Before the win against Sakara, he suffered a loss from Cung Le at UFC 149 Silva versus Sonnen via unanimous decision breaking his 4 fight winning streak since April 2011.

Alessio “Legionarius” Sakara is a middleweight fighter from Rome, Lazio, Italy. He has 15 wins, 10 losses and 1 no contest in his professional MMA career. His last two fights before Cote were back to back losses against Brian Stann in UFC on Fuel TV 2 Gustafsson versus Silva in April 2012 and against Chris Weidman at UFC Live 3 Sanchez versus Kampmann in March 2011 via unanimous decision.

Patrick Cote on Fighting Anderson Silva

Saturday at UFC 153, Stephen Bonnar tried his best to overcome Anderson Silva but he never came close to doing anything at all to hurt the UFC middleweight champion as Silva managed to take him down in the opening round of the fight.

UFC 153 was Silva’s 16 win at UFC. Patrick Cote was Silva’s 8th win; the fighter is now a commentator at Sherdog Radio Network’s “Rewind” show. He recently discussed how it was like to be at the Octagon defending your life and hoping you have a chance against the pound-for-pound champ.

Cote remarked: “It’s very complicated to fight this guy because you never know what’s going to happen or what he’s going to do. We say what he did Saturday night. Once again he did something new. He was staying against the fence and he was playing with Bonnar.” Cote added: “Bonnar is no joke. Bonnar is a good fighter. He’s tough. He’s durable and Silva was playing with him like a little kid.”

Patrick Cote fought Silva in 2008 at UFC 90. The fight had to be stopped on the third round as he tore his ACL. “It is hard to explain how to fight him. Because if you go forward, he’s behind you. You try to hit him and he’s not there. It’s very, very weird.” Cote exclaimed that lasting about 10 minutes on the Octagon with the Brazilian is already a feat in itself.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva has one of the most impressive spreadsheets of all time in MMA history. He has a total of 33 wins and only 4 losses in his career. His recent win over Stephen Bonnar at UFC 153 was his 16th at UFC but was his 17th consecutive win since his last defeat over four years ago to Yushin Okami at the Rumble on the Rock 8. He has been so successful in his career defeating prized fighters like Dan HendersonNate MarquardtChael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Forrest Griffin to name a few. Silva and Okami met once more at UFC 134 in a headliner fight with The Spider victorious. Cote was right to mention that you have to expect the unexpected with Silva since he is very good in almost all of his routines and moves. He can leash out an armbar, punches and chokes to take you down any time he wish. “He is very accurate, not throwing anything for nothing… I think that’s why he’s so impressive – he is so accurate.” Cote added.