Former UFC Fighter Mike Whitehead Takes Plea Deal On Sexual Assault Case

Former TUF contestant and UFC fighter Mike Whitehead today decided to take a no-contest plea deal for a 2010 sexual assault case. Whitehead will likely be sentenced to probation and have to register as a sex offender, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The victims account of what happened,

The woman told police she and a friend had gone to Whitehead’s home for a barbecue, then after drinking, decided not to drive home, according to a police report.

The report said Whitehead told the women they could sleep in his bed.

One of the women said she awoke to find her pants down and Whitehead having sex with her in the bed. Although she repeatedly demanded that he stop, he didn’t for about three minutes, according to the police report.

After the alleged incident, Whitehead sat in a chair in the bedroom, police said. The second woman, who had been next to the woman on the bed, said she witnessed the alleged assault, according to the police report. The second woman alleged that Whitehead had also groped her during the incident, the report said.

When police went to Whitehead’s home with a search warrant, detectives discovered that one of the upstairs bedrooms was being used to house a marijuana grow operation with more than 40 plants, according to a police report. However, no charges were filed concerning the marijuana plants.

Apparently the girl didn’t get Mikes memo on No means Yes and to hide the weed.

Mike Whitehead Wanted For Sexual Assault and Drug Charges

How quickly they fall,

KLAS TV 8 in Las Vegas says Mike Whitehead is wanted for sexual assault and drug charges. According to story, police came to his LV home because of suspected sexual assault and discovered a marijuana growing operation. [Adam Hill]

Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review Journal relays the news from a story on KLAS in Las Vegas. Apparently the Las Vegas police found nearly 200 plants worth an estimated half a million dollars.

Most of the 2,000 square foot home was used to grow the plants. All of the plants are fully mature and stand five to six feet tall. [KLAS]

Whitehead last fought at Strikeforce “Evolution”, but was quickly knocked out by King Mo the first round.

According to the Junkie, police say Whitehead is not wanted, but “a person of interest”.

Mike Whitehead has been arrested and charged with three felonies including sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and gross lewdness. He could also face additional charges if police connect him to the marijuana growing operation.

Strikeforce Evolution: Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal vs. Mike Whitehead

king mo lawal sengoku

King MO (KingMO_GDP) on Twitter

King MO (KingMO_GDP) on Twitter2

Always the showman – King Mo is obviously ready to make his Strikeforce debut against TUF veteran Mike Whitehead. Lawal hinted at the fight by referencing a pimple and called for a acne medicated cleaning products sponsorship on his Twitter account.

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Mike Whitehead addresses the rumors in a interview with AOL. Claims the fight will be at heavyweight.