Proud Brazilians as They Cheer for their Hometown Hero at UFC on FX 7

Brazilian MMA fans went home happy and proud last night as their hometown hero Brazilian Vitor Belfort KO Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7 at the Geraldo Jose De Almeida State Gymnasium, Sao Paolo, Brazil. This is also a double celebration as UFC returns once more to this beautiful and proud country.

Belfort put an end to Bisping’s run for Anderson Silva’s title as he delivered a TKO using head kick and punches in just a minute and 27 seconds in round 2.  “The Count” was already on the canvass before he was hit and this allowed “The Phenom” to further deliver punches and this finished Bisping after a few more moves.

For those who are looking for great UFC on FX 7 Belfort versus Bisping action, you can view their video on YouTube as Belfort delivers a “monster” knock out that ended the match as early as the second round.

And after this momentous win, Vitor Belfort now calls for a rematch with Jon Jones. Adding to this challenge, he also called Chael Sonnen a “clown.” He admits that he challenged Jones after feeling that he still has unfinished business with the champion. Jon Jones is scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen later this year and Belfort is raring to get it one with Jones. Fans on the other hand can’t wait for Jones versus Sonnen and even when these great fighters coach new contenders on UFC reality show this year.

Looking back at the winners of UFC of FX 7 last Saturday, here are the results of this amazing Brazilian event: this is C.B. Dollaway’s night as he wins over Daniel Sarafian via split decision. Gabriel Gonzaga on the other hand wins via submission with a guillotine choke over Ben Rothwell in just a minute of the second round; another impressive win was Khabib Nurmagomedov over Thiago Tavares via TKO in less than two minutes of the first round! Godofredo Castro won via split decision over Milton Vieira, Ronny Markes won via unanimous decision over Andrew Craig and Nik Lentz won via unanimous decision as well over Diego Nunez. Other winners were Edson Barboza, Ildemar Alcantara and Francisco Trinaldo against Lucas Martins, Wagner Prado and C.J. Keith. The third event between Pedro Nobre and Iuri Alcantara on the other hand was a no contest after an accidental foul was ruled by the judges on the first round of the fight.

Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping Ready and Raring for their Upcoming Bout in Brazil

This Saturday, UFC returns to Sao Paolo, Brazil where two magnificent fighters will meet at the Octagon. It’s time for UFC on FX 7: Belfort versus Bisping. The two fighters will meet each other and will celebrate UFC’s return to the country since 1998.

A new video was also released to give fans an idea what it feels like to return to Brazil and to fight each other. Fans will also get a unique look at behind the scenes preparation for the event as well as each fighter’s personal preparations that has been their guide to keep up with this much awaited fight. Bisping and Belfort will also discuss their short time in Sao Paolo as well as what these fighters expect from UFC on FX 7.

Aside from Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping meeting each other in the Octagon, UFC on FX 7 is also a fight between C.B. Dollaway versus Daniel Sarafian, Gabriel Gonzaga versus Ben Rothwell, Thiago Tavares versus Khabib Nurmagomedov, Gogofredo Castro versus Milton Vieira, Ronny Markes versus Andrew Craig, Diego Nunes versus Nik Lentz, Edson Barboza versus Lucas Martins, Iuri Alcantara versus Pedro Nobre, Wagner Prado versus Ildemar Alcantara and Francisco Trinaldo versus C.J. Keith.

UFC on FX 7 will be held at the Geraldo Jose De Almeida State Gymnasium, Sao Paolo, Brazil. The small events will be updated via Facebook feed while the co-main event and the headline fight between Belfort and Bisping will be seen live at FX.

Just to recap, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort is a 35 year old middleweight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He enjoys a 21 win and 10 loss fight card with his last fight in the Octagon a loss against Jon Jones at a headline fight at UFC 152 in September 2012. Before this loss, he won back to back against Yoshihiro Akiyama in UFC 133 in August 2011 and against Anthony Johnson in January 2012.

Michael “The Count” Bisping on the other hand is a 33 year old middleweight from Manchester, England. He currently has an impressive record of 23 wins and 4 losses since he started his professional MMA career. His last fight was a win over Brian Stann at UFC 152 in September 2012 via unanimous decision.

Fans just can’t wait for UFC on FX 7 tonight as well as the new video that was recently launched by UFC.


Michael Bisping Will Use Belfort as Warm-up for Anderson Silva Match

Michael Bisping is looking at this Saturday’s match-up with Vitor Belfort as a “warm up” match for his fight with Anderson Silva in the coming months. Bisping will meet Belfort this Saturday night at UFC on FX 7 at Geraldo Jose De Almeida State Gymnasium in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Bisping is very confident that no matter how Belfort is prepared for this match he is more confident on his ability to overcome his opponent. He mentions plans on wearing the fighter down and when he is tire enough this will be his chance to finish the match. If Bisping comes out as a victor in this match, he will receive his chance to fight Anderson Silva, a fighter that everyone is too chicken to fight!

When he was interviewed by ESPN, Bisping remarked about his match this Saturday by saying: “The good thing is Vitor Belfort is the perfect warm-up for Anderson Silva, He’s southpaw, Anderson’s southpaw and they’re both incredible strikers.” He added: “My skills against a southpaw have definitely improved a lot in this training camp. At the start of the camp I was struggling because things do change due to the stance. But now I’m over those problems.” In a final word to interviewers: “Fingers crossed I get the business done, and then I’ve had the perfect tune-up for Anderson Silva.”

Michael “The Count” Bisping is a middleweight from Manchester, England. He has an impressive professional MMA record of 23 wins and only 4 losses. His last action on the Octagon is a win over Brian Stann at UFC 152 – Jones versus Belfort in September 2012 via unanimous decision. Before this win however, “The Count” lost to Chael Sonnen via unanimous decision at UFC on Fox 2 –Evans versus Davis in January 2012. Bisping is one of a few MMA fighters who started without a single loss. He enjoyed a 15 consecutive winning streak since he became a pro in 2004.

Vitor Belfort on the other hand is a middleweight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He enjoys a 21 win and 10 loss professional career. His last fight was a loss over Jon Jones in a headline fight at UFC 152 in September 2012. Before this he had 2 consecutive wins over Anthony Johnson and Yoshihiro Akiyama in UFC 142 and UFC 133 respectively. He lost to Anderson Silva in UFC 126 in a headline fight after Silva KO’d him in just less than 4 minutes of round 1.