Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture Full Fight Video

UFC 129 took place April 30, 2011. The card featured a light heavyweight showdown between two former UFC champions, Lyoto Machida and Randy Couture.

Round 1: Both fighters come out to the center. They circle each other trying to gauge the timing. Machida throws a straight jab that misses. Couture throws a jab of his own that misses. Couture pushes forward while Machida stays on the outside. Machida catches Randy coming in with a straight right.

Couture keeps moving forward while Lyoto counters on the outside. Machida looks extremely relaxed on the feet. Randy keeps his guard high and stays very cautious. Couture is the aggressor, constantly moving forward, but Machida is winning the exchanges.

Machida throws a straight left that lands, and Randy counters with a right. They clinch and throw punches at each other simultaneously. They separate and the battle continues. Couture continues to stalk Machida but hasn’t been able to do anything significant. Machida lands another quick 1, 2 punch combo while on the outside.

Randy looks determined not to let Machida overwhelm him, but seems puzzled on how to mount any offense. Meanwhile, Machida continues to pick Couture apart from the outside. Undaunted, Randy constantly moves forward. He is finally get his hands on Machida against the cage, but Lyoto immediately spins out of the position and backs away.

Couture moves in while Machida feints kicks on the outside. Randy gets a hold of Machida’s legs, but Lyoto is able to escape once again. The round ends with Randy stalking Machida in the center.

Round 2: They meet in the center once again. Randy starts moving forward immediately. Machida catches him with a straight left that drops Randy briefly. He gets back to his feet and continues to stalk Machida. Machida looks really comfortable standing and is throwing more strikes this round.

They face off in the center and Lyoto feints punches, then launches into the air with a flying front kick that drops Randy to the mat. Lyoto swarms him immediately and the ref steps right in to separate the two. Lyoto Machida defeats Randy Couture by KO in round 2.


Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida Full Fight Video

UFC 140 took place on December 10, 2011 from Toronto, Canada. The main event was a light heavyweight championship fight between champion Jon Jones, and challenger, Lyoto Machida.

This would be Jones 10th fight in the UFC and 2nd title defense as the champion. His last fight was at UFC 135 against Rampage Jackson, where he successfully defended the title by submitting Rampage in the 4th round. Jones has had an extremely impressive UFC career, only losing once by disqualification to Matt Hamill. He had defeated some of the UFC’s best fighters in Brandon Vera, Jake O Brien, Vladmir Matyushenko, Ryan Bader, Stephan Bonnar, and Shogun Rua.

Machida has also had an extremely impressive fight career in the UFC. His last fight was at UFC 129 where he delivered a highlight reel kick knockout over UFC legend Randy Couture. Machida also was the former light heavyweight champion who captured the belt by defeating Rashad Evans at UFC 98. He defended it once against Shogun Rua by unanimous decision at UFC 104, then lost the belt to Rua in the rematch at UFC 113. That was followed up by a decision loss to Rampage Jackson at UFC 123 that many people thought he won. This would be Machida’s first shot back at getting UFC gold once again.

Round 1: Jones comes out in the crouching position then quickly stands. They start feeling each other out. Jones throws a leg kick that misses. Jones follows up with a jumping side kick to the leg that lands slightly. Machida moves away then re-engages. Jones is pressing the action and moves in with a quick jab.

Machida circles on the outside while Jon is looking for openings moving forward. Jones throws another jab then follows up with a spinning back kick. Machida dodges both then throws a leg kick that lands. They circle each other and Jones lands a leg kick. Machida comes over the top with a strong left hook, but it gets blocked by Jones glove. Machida circles back around and they face off in the center of the ring.

Machida throws a couple of front kicks but neither one does damage. Jones steps forward with a leg kick that lands, then Machida rushes forward with an aggressive attack. Jones circles away then they re-engage. Jones tries another spinning back kick that misses, then follows up with a front kick to Machida’s leg. Machida blitzes in again with a hard and fast rush, and Jones blocks it and throws a knee that almost lands.

They face off once again in the center. Both men are looking for openings as they circle each other. Jones tries a leg kick and Machida rushes in on another blitz. Jones blocks and backs away. Jones throws a high kick and Machida dodges easily. They both throw leg kicks and punches, but neither land anything enough to do any damage.

Jones throws a couple of leg kicks that land slightly. Machida throws a couple of overhand right hands but neither lands solidly. Jones steps forward pawing playfully at Machida, and Machida responds by cracking him with a solid left hand that buckles Jones. Jones seems to lose his footing for a second while Machida rushes in. Machida tries to inflict further damage and Jones grabs him in a brief clinch. They separate and face off in the center.

Machida lands a quick leg kick to the body and rushes in for another blitz attempt. He is unable to land anything damaging. Jones steps forward and throws another back kick that misses. The round ends with Jones attempting a jumping side kick while Machida circles away.

Round 2: They meet in the center and Machida starts feinting kicks. Jones lands a leg kick and Machida circles away. Machida leaps in and lands a leg kick of his own. Jones does another spinning back kick and this time it lands slightly to Machida’s midsection. Jones tries a wicked fast head kick that almost lands. Machida throws a couple of jabs out, and Jones returns some jab attempts. Neither one does damage.

They trade very light leg kicks in the center of the ring and continue looking for openings. Jones throws a leg kick that slightly lands. They continue feeling each other out in the center. Jones lands another leg kick. Jones ducks down to attempt his popular “spinning back elbow” but Machida spots it early and evades.

Jones throws a kick to the body that Machida catches for a second and throws a hard right hand to Jones face. Jones breaks free and recovers. Machida storms right after him attempting hard shots. Jones grabs him in a clinch to slow him down. They scramble in the clinch and Jones throws a knee, and Machida attempts a strong right hook that barely misses the mark. They each recover and face off in the center.

Jones and Machida step toward each other at the same time and both throw shots. Jones lands a sharp overhand right while Machida’s punch misses. Jones steps forward and grabs Machida’s body. They tussle in the clinch and Jones is finally able to get Machida to the ground. Jones postures up and immediately lands one solid elbow to the head. Machida attempts to defend Jones attack and Jones lands two more crisp elbows to Machida’s head.

Machida is able to stand but his forehead is busted open from those elbows. The ref calls time and has the doctor look at Machida. The doctor lets it continue. The ref puts the two fighters back into a clinch position on the cage and restarts the action. Jones throws a couple of knees to the body and Machida breaks away.

Jones closes the distance while Machida’s back is close to the cage. Machida seems to be shook up from those previous elbow shots. Jones moves in and paws at Machida for a moment. Machida tries to throw a left hook but Jones beats him to the punch with a quick left superman punch. It doesn’t look hard, but it is enough to drop Machida down to the canvas.

Jones jumps on Machida, grabbing his neck and kneeing him to the body. He backs Machida up into the cage and locks up a choke with his left bicep around Machida’s neck. He uses his right hand to crank it tighter. He puts everything into the choke while Machida is hanging on. It appears as if Machida is not defending, and referee John Mccarthy instructs Jones to release the choke. Jones releases it, and Machida slumps down the canvas, totally out. The ref waves off the fight and Jon Jones maintains the light heavyweight championship by defeating Lyoto Machida in round 2 by submission.


UFC Fight Night Results: Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night took place October 26, 2013 from Manchester, England. The main event was a middleweight showdown between Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz.

Machida is a well respected MMA veteran who at one time was the UFC light heavyweight champion. This would be his first fight in the middleweight division. Many are saying that this is the division that Machida should have always been a part of. His last fight in the light heavyweight division was a unanimous decision loss to Phil Davis. Now we will see if the cut to 185 will reinvigorate the “Dragon”.

Munoz looked very impressive in his last match at UFC 162, defeating Tim Boetsch by unanimous decision in a dominating performance. He seems to be motivated after suffering a hand injury that kept him out of action for 6 months, then suffering a TKO loss at the hands of Chris Weidman. He intensified his training and looks more chiseled than we’ve ever seen him. Munoz looks hungry to earn a title shot, but the first task at hand is to hand his former training partner and friend Machida, his first loss at middleweight.

Machida vs Munoz Weigh Ins

Machida vs Munoz Highlights

Round 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves in the center, then face off. They feel each other out, circling each other, then Machida throws a leg kick to judge the distance. Munoz springs forward and throws a right hand but Machida backs out of the way. They go back the center again and the feeling out process continues.

Machida throws a low leg kick which just misses. Munoz circles on the outside while Machida moves forward. They both are a little tentative during the first minute, each one feinting but not throwing anything. Machida springs forward and attempts a one-two combo, but Munoz ducks the first one and blocks the second one. They re-engage.

Munoz steps forward and lands a leg kick. Machida threatens with a feint and Munoz circles away. Machida steps forward to re-engage him, then Munoz feints a one-two that backs Machida up momentarily. Munoz reaches down to go for a leg, but Machida, who is extremely elusive moves out the way effortlessly. Munoz takes a couple of steps back and then they face off again.

Machida steps forward while Munoz is circling sideways and lands a hard, loud kick to Munoz’s body. Munoz blocks it slightly but it still lands solidly. Munoz takes a few steps to his right to get some space and then they face off. Machida has been the aggressor of the fight at this point, constantly moving forward and pressuring Munoz.

Machida follows Munoz as he moves sideways along the ring. Machida is feinting kicks and punches which keeps Munoz moving. Machida steps in and throws a hard right hand which lands right on Munoz’s head, but he blocks it with his gloves. Munoz recovers and circles away.

Machida steps forward and re-engages. They each feint with jabs, then Machida feints with another kick. Munoz steps to the side where Machida blitzes forward and lands a vicious kick to Munoz’s body. This one fully lands and Munoz circles away. Machida closes the distance and attempts a high kick, but stops it midway. Munoz steps forward and they face off toward the center of the ring.

They both continue feinting with Machida threatening the most. After a handful more feints, Machida steps forward and lands a leg kick. Munoz blocks it partially. Munoz bounces forward, not really doing anything, and both men circle and feint in the center of the ring. After one or two more feints, out of nowhere Machida throws a fast high kick that blasts Munoz right in the face. Munoz drops down to the canvas and Machida rushes him. Machida threatens with a punch but does not throw it because Munoz is already out. The referee rushes in to officially stop the fight. Lyoto Machida defeats Mark Munoz by KO in the 1st round.

UFC Post Fight Press Conference

Other results:

The lightweight bout between Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson was ruled a no contest due an illegal knee thrown by Guillard in Round 1.

Light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa defeated Ryan Jimmo by TKO in Round 2.

In the lightweight division, Norman Parke won an unanimous decision victory over Jon Tuck.

Middleweight Nico Musoke defeated Alessio Sakara by submission with an armbar in Round 1.

In the flyweight division, John Lineker defeats Phil Harris by TKO in Round 1.