Brady Bunch Parody “UFC Bunch” Featuring Dana White

Brady Bunch Parody “UFC Bunch” by LookoutaWhale featuring UFC President Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. [Read more...]

Lorenzo Fertitta: UFC’s Stance On TRT’s and Need For Random Testing

UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta talks with ESPN Radio1100 about the trend of fighters using Testosterone Replacement Therapy and its place in the UFC.

“Its affecting the sport, its potentially affecting fights”

“I think we came off with a pretty strong response to Nate Marquardt, and kind how we feel about TRT … What you can’t have are guys abusing this to the point where their levels are at some super-human factor, giving them this performance enhancement”

“There’s got to be more random testing. It seems like, possibly, guys are getting outside the boundary while they’re training and managing it down where once the week of the fight [has arrived], they take the test and they’re fine. I think that there needs to be this random testing to make sure no one’s abusing it,”

While Fertitta did come off strong against TRT’s, the UFC has yet to ban TRT as a company and instead pushed the problem to the states to figure out.

Kevin Iole brought up a good point in the interview, why not ban TRT’s as a company. If you need TRT’s you don’t meet the requirements of a high level UFC fighter — Simple as that.

Low quality audio interview below,

UFC Sponsor Xyience Declares Bankruptcy

Xyience declared bankruptcy

It looks like Xyience finally declared bankruptcy, not a surprise after many fighters were claiming that they were not getting paid.

Now this does not mean Xyience is done, they will receive protection from creditors while they can sell off assets, re-organize and obtain more funding.

The Las Vegas manufacturer and distributor of energy drink Xenergy, which sponsors the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has filed for bankruptcy protection amid claims of intimidation and death threats.

Xyience Inc., the energy drink company headquartered at 4572 Hacienda Ave., reported $42.3 million in liabilities and $5.3 million in assets. Xyience sells its energy drink through 230 convenience and grocery stores, mostly in the Southwest.

It also looks like Xyience owes Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta some cash:

Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, members of the family that founded Station Casinos, own UFC. They also are creditors of Xyience with $12.5 million in unsecured claims and $5.3 million in secured claims, according to the bankruptcy filing.

Xyience gets Death Threats from Creditors:

“Those negotiations, however, were derailed by a campaign of intimidations and threats led by company founder and former CEO Mr. Pike, Terry Cardenas, Ronald Solomon and Rick Klingenberg,” he said.

“Associates of Mr. Pike and Mr. Klingenberg made threats of physical violence against Xyience management and board members and, on at least one occasion, showed up uninvited at the home of one member of management,” Sattar said in bankruptcy court filings.

“Mr. Klingenberg and his brother David Bergstrom stormed into the Xyience office, cornering (Chief Financial Officer) Michael Levy in an office and refusing to allow Mr. Levy to depart until their demands were met,” according to Sattar’s filing.

If their mother wasn’t paid, Klingenberg and Bergstrom said “somebody was going to … get killed,” Sattar said.

They demanded $20,000 “or else they would return the next day with guys who had a 100 percent collection rate,” according to Sattar’s filing.