The Ultimate Fighter: Season 12 Episode 8: “KOS in a Commotion”

Previously on The Ultimate Fighter, first pick Marc Stevens was choked out in 18 seconds. Koscheck found a new target for his trash talk. In the final preliminary fight, Team Koscheck found a second win hen Sako beat Dane. And the coaches choose Aaron and Mark to fight for redemption in the wild-card.

At Team GSP training, Dane talks about how he had thought he’d have been a good wild-card pick. He has shown a lot of heart and has also shown the most improvement. Most of his team also thought he had deserved it. However, even GSP agrees that Sayers doesn’t have the pedigree — he just doesn’t have the skill level yet. And Dana agrees. On paper, Marc Stevens is just the logical pick with the best skill set. Crybaby Alex, who does have a shot, whines that his back is hurting and is using it as an excuse to not train as hard as his teammates. Mike sees right through it all.

Kos’s boys, Marc Stevens and Aaron Wilkinson, are set to face each other. He feels that Stevens has a lot of potential, and while he made mistakes, he didn’t get to showcase that potential. Even Marc’s own teammates questioned the coaches’ decision, but obviously they are still behind him.

Post-training, Tate “The Male Nurse” begins pushing Kos’s buttons, trying to get him riled up about his future loss to GSP. Kos gives it right back to him, trying to get into their room, but it never really gets heated. It’s all pretty playful (plunger vs. garbage can!).

Back at the house, Alex’s teammates rib him about his laid back approach to training. Mike attributes it to his blown up ego, but Alex claims he’s just saving himself. Ha!

Aaron discusses his fight with Marc. His strategy is to jab and run, and to hopefully keep it standing and keep Marc from taking him down. It’s rough to fight a teammate, but he realizes that is part of fighting. It’s gonna happen from time to time. Kos knows it won’t be easy for him to watch the fight, as these are two guys that have sweated blood and worked their asses off for him. All seem to be in good spirits though.

As everyone is coming into the gym for the weigh-ins, Kos pantses (is that even English? lol) Tate in an attempt to embarrass him. Something must have worked, because they begin a heated exchange as soon as they sit down. Kos accuses Tate of being on the show to “get famous” while Tate predicts that Kos will become famous for losing to GSP. Then Tate criticizes Kos’s accomplishments, or lack thereof, asking if the last thing he accomplished was faking a knee. Kos mumbles something about Vaseline up his ass and resorts to once again calling him a male nurse. Clearly Kos is getting angry and threatens to take Tate on right there. He gets up in Tate’s face, grabbing him by the throat. And of course, they cut to a commercial just as Tate gets up and moves in on Kos!

Immediately guys from both teams are pulling them apart as they’re getting their hands in each others’ faces. Somehow, Dane gets in the middle of them and (perhaps unintentionally) is pushing Kos back by his face. Kos stiff arms Dane’s face, and now Kos and Dane are being kept back. Dane gets pissed off, yelling that he was just trying to help. As everyone takes their seats, Dane storms out of the room. Kos realizes what happened and goes after Dane, as does GSP. When Kos finds him, he mans up and apologizes. Dane calms down and accepts. But Kos theorizes that GSP brought Tate in specifically to get under his skin… riiiiight…as if GSP cares that much.

As for the impending fight, Dana says he knows what to expect. He expects a stand-up fight from Aaron, and he expects Marc to be really pissed off and to bring it so that he can prove himself. Or will he?

After the weigh-in, Kos asks Tate if they can walk out holding hands. Tate just stares at him. GSP sees all this and is just frustrated, feeling like he’s in kindergarten. He had told all his guys AND Tate not to engage in trash-talking with Kos. Apparently Tate didn’t get that memo, and GSP is just fed up.

In the back room, Team GSP talks quarterfinals. After the wild-card fight, there will be 3 fighters from Team Kos and 5 from Team GSP. Obviously, some GSP teammates will have to fight each other. He asks his guys to write down who on the team they’d want to fight. And, no surprise, Alex and Mike choose each other. Sweet.

At the house, Aaron gets a phone call. They knew in advance that he was getting news, but no one knew what. As it turns out, his grandmother has passed away. His mother tells him that his grandmother would kick his ass if he even thought about coming home. He is moved to tears and is saddened that he didn’t get to see her very much. He just hopes that she is looking down and watching him give it his best.

Kos is excited to see two of his guys getting second chances, but will corner neither. Instead he will sit in the stands as a fan. He wishes them both luck and tells them to put on a helluva fight for the fans.


Round 1
Stevens strikes first with 2 consecutive leg kicks. Wilkinson tries to counter with a jab, but Stevens dodges. Stevens tries another leg kick and then immediately shoots on Wilkinson and gets him down. In side control he keeps Wilkinson pinned. He maneuvers into half mount. Wilkinson rolls and gives Stevens his back. Stevens slips the hooks in and looks for a choke, but Wilkinson turns out of it. Stevens still has control but Wilkinson is looking to get out. Stevens maintains control of Wilkinson’s back for a good while. He briefly ends up in a mount, but Wilkinson spins and Stevens has his arm and is looking for a possible triangle. He finally gets a leg up and over with an arm pinned. Stevens is definitely controlling the pace and tenor of the fight, as Wilkinson is defending the sub but cannot get out of trouble. Wilkinson is leaving his head vulnerable; Stevens just can’t his ankles crossed to tighten the hold. The round ends before Stevens can finish it.

(Did anyone else notice how much quieter it was without Kos doing the cornering? :P )

Round 2
Wilkinson starts with a jab and Stevens is clearly eying a takedown. Wilkinson pushes the pace and is more aggressive with several jab/cross combos. Stevens goes for a takedown, but as they are going down, Wilkinson latches onto Stevens’s neck and within seconds has the guillotine in tight making Stevens tap quickly.

Winner: Aaron Wilkinson via Submission (Guillotine)


In Round 1 Stevens beat up on Wilkinson the way everyone expected to with some impressive BJJ and GNP. But somehow, Stevens gets caught by the SAME CHOKE that cost him the last fight. Stevens is rightfully disappointed with himself, joking that maybe he needs to work on his guillotine defense, but he also makes excuses that he couldn’t feel his legs at the end of the first round. He blames cutting weight and the Nevada elevation. Give me a break!

Dana and the coaches get together to discuss the quarterfinal fights. They bring each of the guys to ask who they would like to fight, and who they think they match up with the best. To no surprise of the coaches, Mike and Alex choose each other… but everyone else seems to pick Alex too! Kos thinks this is a strategy on GSP’s part, thinking that he would rather his weakest link, Alex, lose to his own teammate than to someone on Kos’s team. In pleading his case for Alex to fight Mike, Kos gets GSP to spill all the weaknesses of both guys…not good coaching on GSP’s part.

The quarterfinal fights are chosen:

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sako Chivitchian
Cody McKenzie vs. Nam Phan
Kyle Watson vs. Aaron Wilkinson
Michael Johnson vs. Alex Caceres

So GSP gets his wish after all. I guess all those “secrets” were spilled for naught.

Next week: The quarterfinals are set. Prepare for 2 fights in one show: Brooks vs. Chivitchian and then McKenzie vs. Phan. Who will move one step closer to a shot at becoming the next ultimate fighter?

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 12 – Episode 1: “Go For It”

This season, 28 lightweights arrive to the UFC training center where Dana White introduces their coaches: UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St-Pierre and Season 1 TUF alum Josh Koscheck. Two of the most talented UFC fighters ever. They have fought once before, at which time GSP was victorious, and there is definitely no love lost between these two.

The premier opens with all 28 guys walking, in awe, into the training center. For them, this is just about as good as it gets. “It’s magic,” as one hopeful puts it. Dana introduces the coaches, and gives his usual “You better be here to fight” speech. He also mentions that the wildcard element will also be used again this season. The guys look as if they feel a lovely combination of terrified, excited and nauseous!

The next morning begins the first step of getting into the house.

Marc Stevens vs. TJ O’Brien
Within seconds, Stevens lands a huge overhand right that drops O’Brien. Stevens pounces and it’s over.

Stevens via TKO

Spencer Paige vs. Steve Magdaleno
Round 1: Big kick from Paige, but not much going on. Magdaleno then attacks with a couple kicks that drive Paige back. They exchange, Paige slips, but Magdaleno doesn’t take advantage. Several exchanges that leave both jockeying for control, and finally Paige gets Magdaleno on his back. Paige kicks him and punches repeatedly while down, and Magdaleno makes no effort to get up. Paige gets on top of Magdaleno, but Magdaleno rolls and ends up in control. The round ends with Magdaleno in Paige’s guard.

Round 2: Nice kick from Magdaleno, but Paige counters. They are both swinging for the fences and both taking a lot of abuse. Magdaleno takes Paige down by his leg and ends up with half mount. He tries to improve his position while also pounding his face. Paige works up the fence and reverses the position to get Magdaleno on his back. The round ends with Paige putting on a nice show of Ground-N-Pound.

Paige via Unanimous Decision

Nam Phan vs. Mike Budnik
Round 1: Big body kick from Budnik, but Phan is the aggressor even while taking leg kicks. Budnik then goes for and gets the takedown. They grapple and Budnik is chasing a submission. Back on their feet, Phan attempts a big head kick, but misses. Budnik goes for another takedown, but Phan is able to sprawl and defend. Against the cage, Budnik looks for a sweeping slam, but Phan stays on his feet. Instead, Budnik ends up on his back and Phan manages to get in nice shots to his face through his blocked arms. They get up momentarily and Budnik takes Phan down again. He looks for a choke, but Phan gets out and up. Back to standing, nice body kick from Budnik. Phan counters with a nasty body shot that rocks and drops Budnik. Phan pounces and finishes him.

Phan via TKO

(Winners in Italics)
#4. Brenton vs. Main — Back and forth fight that ended with Main submitting Brenton in an armbar.

#5. Weathers vs. Brookins — A wrestling tournament that goes to the second round, with Weathers being controlled by Brookins. Unanimous decision in favor of Brookins.

#6. Grear vs. Chivitchian — A grappling match, that showcased Chivitchian’s world-class Judo. (Eww, did not to see the repeated footage of Chivitchian puking. Thanks, Spike.)

#7. Lentz vs. Head — GSP already counted Lentz out, but Lentz proved him wrong by controlling the fight with fantastic GNP in both rounds (landing 14 unanswered blows), and topping it off with a Rear Naked Choke.

Paul Barrow vs. Alex Caceres
Barrow is the initial aggressor, trying to take Caceres down, but even in defense, Caceres controls the fight. Standing, Caceres kicks and slips but Barrow lets him up. Barrow gets Caceres against the cage for some dirty boxing. Instead Caceres gets Barrow nearly down. They return to the previous position and Caceres begins looking for submission, trying to get his legs around Barrow’s neck. He manages to mount Barrow’s back, and slowly works the hooks in for a RNC. Eventually gets the arm sunk under his neck and Barrow taps.

Caceres via Rear Naked Choke

#9. Garza vs. Johnson — Great standup and heavy hitting wins the fight for Johnson after 2 rounds.

#10. Wilkinson vs. Richman — Wilkinson fights his butt off with a nice ground game for the win.

#11. Duffy vs. Watson — Scrapper vs. Experience; Watson gets the fight to the ground and wins it with a RNC.

#12. Ambrose vs. Magakian — Not too often you see a kimura in a TUF premier, but it wasn’t enough for a win — Magakian via Unanimous Decision

Cody McKenzie vs. Amir Khillah
McKenzie strikes first with a big head kick, but catches air. Khillah immediately gets McKenzie down looking for an arm. They grapple a big, but Khillah doesn’t lose control until he gets McKenzie against the cage. McKenzie gets Khillah’s neck cranking and just keeps turning and squeezing until Khillah passes out.

McKenzie via Guillotine

Dane Sayers vs. Ariel Sexton
Round 1: Sayers comes out FLYING (literally) with a knee (though it doesn’t really land) and knocks Sexton back. Sexton tries to get up, but Sayers slams him back down. They get back up and start slugging. Sexton goes for the takedown, but Sayers defends. Again, they slug and both get tagged. These two are swinging HARD. A second flying knee from Sexton, and a second failure. Sexton ends up turtled with Sayers on his back, legs locked as the round ends.

Round 2: Both come out with several straight jabs, but Sexton gets the best of Sayers, tagging him several times. He then tries to take Sayers down, but they’re still standing. They exchange jabs and knees, but as they clinch, Sayers jumps on Sexton and gets the hooks for a standing choke. However, Sexton pulls out. Sayers then mounts Sexton’s back, this time sinking in the RNC. It’s not long before Sexton taps.

Sayers via Rear Naked Choke

So, folks, there you have it. There were definitely several impressive fights, and quite a few guys who looked like they have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, there are also a few guys who look like they are going to be the troublemakers of the house. It’s gonna be one of *those* seasons… just please don’t let there be a reincarnation of Junie Browning!

According to the previews, there are battles both in the house *and* in the cage — and not just between the fighters, but coaches as well. Let’s see who chooses whom next week!