EliteXC ‘Return of the King’ Results Live

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EliteXC ‘Return of the King’ Weigh-In Results, Diaz Doesn’t Make Weight

eliteXC retun of the king results

Nick Diaz informed EliteXC before the weigh-ins that he will not be able to make weight. Muhsin Corbbrey has agreed to fight Diaz at a catch weight of 169 lbs. Diaz will have to forfeit an undisclosed portion of his fight purse to Corbbrey.

All other fighters make weight. EliteXC ‘Return of the King’ broadcasts live at 10 pm EST on Showtime.

EliteXC Weigh-in Results

KJ Noons (160) vs. Yves Edwards (158.5)
Nick Diaz (169) vs. Muhsin Corbbrey (163.5)
Murilo “Ninja” Rua (184) vs. Tony Bonello (185)
Dave “Pee Wee” Herman (243.5) vs. Ron Waterman (263)
Rafael Feijao (205) vs. Wayne Cole (204)
Kala Kolohe (186) vs. Bubba McDaniel (184.5)
Kepa Madeiros (171.5) vs. Carl Barton (183)
Russell Doane (135) vs. Dwayne Haney (133.5)
PJ Dean (160.5) vs. Dean Lista (160)
Lolohea Mahe (260) vs. Chris Barnard (232.5)
Kaleo Kwan (160) vs. Mike Aina (160)
Mark Oshiro (140.5) vs. Chris “Red Bull” Willems (141.5)

ICON Sport: Baroni vs. Hose Results

baroni vs. hose

ICON Sport: Phil Baroni vs. Kala Kolohe Hose

Broadcast Live on ProElite.com starting around 11 pm EST


  • Phil Baroni (186 lbs) vs. Kala Kolohe Hose (184 lbs)

    Result: Kala Kolohe Hose defeats Phil Baroni by TKO (Strikes) at 0:26 of R5.

  • Auggie Padeken (205 lbs) vs. Jeremy Williams (205 lbs)
    Result: Jeremy Williams defeats Auggie Padeken by KO at of R1.
  • Sadhu Bott (143 lbs) vs. Bronson Pieper (146 lbs)
    Result: Sadhu Bott defeats Bronson Pieper by Submission (Armbar) at of R1.
  • Russell Doane (135 lbs) vs. Tyson Nam (135 lbs)
    Result: Russell Doane defeats Tyson Nam by TKO (Strikes) at of R1.
  • Wayne Perrin (170 lbs) vs. Koa Ramos (170 lbs)
    Result: Koa Ramos defeats Wayne Perrin by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at of R1.
  • Brennan Kamaka (181 lbs) vs. Ross Ebanez (173 lbs)
    Result: Ross “Da Boss” Ebanez defeats Brennan Kamaka by KO (Punches) at 0:09 of R1.
  • Eddie Rincon (160 lbs) vs. P.J. Dean (160 lbs)
    Result: PJ Dean defeats Eddie Rincon by Unanimous Decision.
  • Matt Comeau (145 lbs) vs. Elias De Los Reyes (145 lbs)
    Result: Matt Comeau defeats Elias De Los Reyes by TKO (Strikes) at 2:35 of R2.
  • Alan Lima (149 lbs) vs. David Padilla (153 lbs)
    Result: Alan Lima defeats David Padilla by Unanimous Decision.
  • Zack Rapal (133 lbs) vs. Dwayne Haney (134 lbs)
    Result: Dwayne Haney defeats Zack Rapal by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:27 of R1.
  • Brandon Pieper (150 lbs) vs. Ricky Wallace (147 lbs)
    Result: Ricky Wallace defeats Brandon Pieper by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at of R1.
  • Nui Wheeler (136 lbs) vs. Jay Bolos (137 lbs)
    Result: Jay Bolos defeats Nui Wheeler by Submission (Armbar) at 1:22 of R2.
  • Wade Ke (175 lbs) vs. Micah Ige (173 lbs)
    Result: Wade Ke defeats Micah Ige by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:45 of R1.