Ramsey Nijem Fight Diary Video, The PIT

TUF fighter Ramsey Nijem following in Chuck Liddell’s foot steps — living and training with John Hackleman at the legendary PIT. Nijem faces Danny Downes on October 29 at UFC 137.

John Hackleman Sets Dana White Straight On Chuck Liddells Retirement

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Legendary Pit trainer John Hackleman has some choice words to say about Dana White regarding Chuck Liddell’s retirement decision. Hackleman goes as far as comparing White to mental patients he used to work with.

Dana White and John Hackleman Face Off Over Chuck Liddell


In a recent article on Sherdog, Chuck Liddell’s handlers UFC President Dana White and Trainer John Hackleman face off over the future of Chuck Liddell fighting career.

Liddell has lost four of his last five fight inside the cage. He still has one more fight left on his UFC contract, but Dana White has stated that he has no intention to ever letting Chuck fight again.

Owner of “The Pit” John Hackleman:

“Nothing has been decided yet … We made a deal. We’re gonna go, probably this summer, to Hawaii and we’re gonna sit on the beach and see if we can decide then. If not, there’s no rush. He’s not under a time crunch. He’ll decide when he wants to decide. And nobody else is gonna tell him.”

“Chuck just loves to fight …. And if there could be another fight —- if he wants one —- and he’s under contract (to the UFC), then we’ll see what happens. If he has to go somewhere else to fight, we’ll see what happens there. If we go sit on the beach and Chuck says, ‘F–k it, I’m tired of this s–t, let’s retire,’ then he’ll just come teach here [The PIT]”

“if he really wants to still fight, and I think it’s in his heart, I don’t think anyone, including Dana, should take his livelihood and his love away.”

Dana White fires back and as usual makes things personal:

“Obviously, John Hackleman didn’t pay his house off yet. John Hackleman needs some money, because anybody who claims they care about Chuck Liddell even a little bit would not be making these f–king statements,”

“How many great, talented guys do you see coming out of John Hackleman’s place? … He’s no Greg Jackson. He’s no Mark DellaGrotte. He’s no American Top Team. He’s not one of the great camps. Chuck Liddell made him.”

The real question here is WTF is Dana White doing talking with SHERDOG?