Pink Slip: Joe Stevenson Cut By The UFC

The UFC human resources department has no lack of work these days. Ultimate Fighter winner Joe “Daddy” Stevenson has been cut by the UFC after four straight losses inside the cage.

Stevenson put up some great fights in his five years with the promotion, including his fight with BJ Penn at UFC 80, which is still one of the bloodiest fights inside the Octagon.

UFC 124: Joe Stevenson vs Mac Danzig

Fellow The Ultimate Fighter alumni Joe Stevenson and Mac Danzig are in talks to fight at UFC 124 “St-Pierre vs Koscheck 2″ on Dec 11 in Montreal, according to Mania.

Both fighters are coming off losses and need a big win to keep relevant in the heavily talented UFC lightweight division.

UFC 110 Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos Pre-fight Video

Joe Stevenson takes on native Australian George Sotiropoulos on the main card at UFC 110.