Josh Barnett: Looking to get Back on Top

Sherdog conducted an interview with PRIDE heavyweight veteran Josh Barnett. He is currently scheduled to take on Jeff Monson at Sengoku 2 on May 18.

Barnett on upcoming fight with Jeff Monson:

“Again I’m fighting a friend, like when I fought Yoshida, but this one’s even more difficult for me because [Monson] was on my team for the Ring of Fire, spent some time with me at AMC Pankration, and I’ve been in his corner for almost all of his UFC fights, and I’ve helped him get ready for many of his fights in his career…I guess that’s the thing. When you’re in the business long enough, you meet enough people, make a lot of friendships and relationships, but when it comes down to it, you can fight anybody. I can do that, but it doesn’t mean I always enjoy it.

I talked to him a little bit beforehand, just let him know they brought his name up, asking him, ‘What should we do about it? Should we accept this fight?’ And in the end, what it came down to was that nobody was going to fight us, and so the only people that could put on a match was us. We’re professionals, so we’re going to go out there and do what we have to do and fight.”

Barnett on a possibility of fighting on the debut Affliction card:

“I think that if anyone would be a perfect fit for that, it’d be me, since I’m the second MMA guy behind Justin Levens (Pictures) to get involved with their custom T-shirt designs…Before even Randy got involved, before there was anyone else in MMA involved — I’ve got T-shirts you can’t even buy that were produced by Affliction.”

“You know he’s[Pedro Rizzo] got a win over Jeff [Monson] and [Justin] Eilers, so he’s back on the winning track from those performances in Pride. Right after I lost that fight [to Rizzo], when Frank Shamrock was interviewing me, asking me, ‘What happened?’ I said, ‘I just got caught coming in and I got knocked out, but you know what? I’m going to come back here and fight him again and knock his ass out.’”

Barnett on getting back on top:

“But I’m a pro-wrestler, and I go on tour and fight every night. I have no idea who I can fight or even when I can fight. But I’ll be ready. I can deal with it.

I had to sit out a year, but I’m finally back and have one fight under my belt. I’ll be fighting in another one soon and will just be chugging away here, proving myself by putting strength behind my words. Saying what I do, doing what I say. All those who took me off their rankings, don’t worry. I’ll be right back there at the top again sometime in the near future.”

Upcoming CFC 4 Loaded With UFC Vets

cfc 4

Picking up the crumbs – Combat Fighting Championships (CFC) is set to hold its fourth event on May 17 from the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England.

The recently announced card is filled with UFC veterans, including Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez, Jeff Monson, David Loiseau, Terry Martin, Melvin Guillard and Brad Imes.

CFC 4 is slated to take place at the Metro Radio Arena, which happened to be the host of UFC 80: Penn vs. Stevenson.


Ricco Rodriguez vs. Jeff Monson
David Loiseau vs. Terry Martin
Travis Wiuff vs. Cirylle Diabate
Jean Silva vs. Melvin Guillard
Dan Hardy vs. Marios Zaromsky
Melvin Manhoef vs. TBA
Foupa Xavier Pokam vs. TBA
Brad Imes vs. TBA
Mark Weir vs. TBA
Gaz Roriston vs. TBA

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WVR News: Randlemans Back, Could Fight Jeff Monson

kevin randleman

During the yesterdays World Victory Road (WVR) event, the promotion announced the signing of Kevin Randleman and ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) 2007 superfight champion Roger Gracie to its lineup of fighters. The two are scheduled to make their first appearance at the promotions next event WVR 2 on May 15th.

Randleman has also announced in a interview with MMAWeekly, that he is also signed up to fight UFC veteran Jeff Monson at Global Fighting Championships next event on June 21 in North Carolina.

“As of right now, I am fighting Jeff Monson, June 21 in North Carolina in Bobcat Arena…..My first fight is going to be May 18 in the new Japanese organization, it is not Pride, (but) World Victory Road”

Kevin Randleman a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and two-time NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion, has not fought since losing in PRIDE to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by submission back in 2006.

Randleman career has been plagued with health and legal troubles. He was suspended in 2007 following his fight with Rua by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for submitting a non-human sample of Urine to the commission. He was also arrested for DUI in August of 2007. Apparently he was high on cocaine and tried to intimidate an officer.

Randleman health has been a problem throughout his career, his most recent issue had him hospitalized with a sick case of staph that left him with an open chest cavity.

Even with all his troubles, Randleman is a super athletic energetic fighter, who always puts on a good show, a good pickup for WVR.