Georges St. Pierre vs. Jay Hieron Full Fight Video

Georges St. Pierre took on Jay Hieron at UFC 48, which was held on June 19, 2004, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.

This was Jay Hieron’s first fight in the UFC. Prior to this match he was undefeated, carrying a 4-0 professional record. He was a solid striker with great wrestling and jiu-jitsu skills. People were looking forward to seeing how Jay would adapt to being in the UFC.

This was Georges St. Pierre’s 7th fight in the UFC. He was currently undefeated as well, carrying an impressive 6-0 UFC record. Out of those 6 victories, St. Pierre had finished 5 of those opponents. He was looking unstoppable at this point, so an impressive win over Jay Hieron would put him into title contention.

Round 1, both guys meet in the center of the Octagon. They circle each other, trying to feel each other out. They both throw jabs and kicks within the first 20 seconds. St. Pierre lands the harder of the punches. St. Pierre drops down and attempts a takedown but is defended well by Hieron.

They both continue to jab at each other in the center of the ring. St. Pierre attempts a head kick that misses. Seconds later, Hieron throws a jab that misses, and St. Pierre counters with a hard right hand that connects.

St. Pierre attempts a high spinning back kick that misses. They continue throwing jabs, neither one lands. Hieron lands a light leg kick on St. Pierre. Shortly thereafter, St. Pierre lands another solid right hand to Hieron’s face that seems to stagger Jay slightly.

St. Pierre follows that up with a sharp left hook that backs Hieron up against the cage. Hieron drops to the canvas and St. Pierre pounces on him, landing hammer fists to the side of Hieron’s head. Hieron holds on to St. Pierre’s legs while Georges throws several shots at Jay’s head. Hieron is still holding Georges in a clinch while standing back to his feet. Immediately after Jay is upright, St. Pierre throws a right hand at close range that lands on the side of Hieron’s head. It knocks him sideways, and before he can recover, St. Pierre lands another solid right hand that drops Jay back down to the canvas.

Hieron’s legs give out and he looks very shaky as he grabs St. Pierre’s legs, trying to hold on. St. Pierre is relentless, immediately swarming Hieron, dropping more hammer fists to the side of his head. Referee Steve Mazzagatti is looking very closely at Jay Hieron because he looks so wobbly.

Hieron holds onto St. Pierre’s legs again and buys himself some brief recovery time. He uses his hold on St. Pierre’s legs to stand once again. He hoists one of Georges legs up in the air, looking as if he wanted a takedown. He backs St. Pierre up into the cage, still holding one of Georges legs. St. Pierre is throwing punches at Hieron at the same time, not really landing anything damaging, but working.

Georges is finally able to break free and pushes Hieron back. They square off once again. St. Pierre continues his attack by throwing a quick jab to the chest, then quickly lands another right hand bomb to Hieron’s face. Jay is rocked and is visibly shaken by the barrage of punches. He immediately starts backpedaling as St. Pierre swarms him again. Georges quickly catches him again with a left hand, followed by a vicious right that drops Hieron flat on his back against the cage.

Georges jumps in Hieron’s guard and instantly starts landing bombs on Jay’s head. He lands several unanswered punches, then switches to elbows. After about 3 or 4 unanswered elbow shots, Referee Steve Mazzagatti had seen enough. He steps in and stops the fight. St. Pierre wins by TKO in Round 1. This performance was impressive enough to earn George St. Pierre a title shot against then titleholder, Matt Hughes. His record moved to 7-0, and this incredible performance against Jay Hieron is one of the reasons that many MMA fans consider St. Pierre to be one the greatest mixed-martial artists in history.


Pyle & Hieron Partner Up for a Power Play

Mike Pyle was recently interviewed regarding the possibility of his leaving MMA for an acting career.

Mike restated his dedication to MMA saying he would never leave.  He does, however have some acting chops as evidenced by a well received performance in the feature film UNIVERSAL SOLDIER:REGENERATION.  At the UFC Fan Expo this past July, actor, writer, producer Paul X. Campanella asked Randy Couture to give him the names of two fighters that he felt were talented and charismatic for supporting roles in an upcoming film.

Randy quickly replied “Mike Pyle and Jay Hieron”. Paul contacted the fighters, brought them to Hollywood to meet his production team and now, both are attached to the film POWER PLAY.  The producers are relying on the loyal and rabid fan base of MMA to launch the first ever, fully funded full length feature film using Crowd Funding.  Watch the video to see all the info on how YOU the MMA fan can support this Power Play Project. “I think we can make motion picture history” stated Paul. You can also follow on Twitter at @231pwr and Facebook at FansofPowerPlay.

Erick Silva, Jay Hieron Fighting at Super Bowl Weekend at UFC 156

Great news for Brazilian Erick Silva fans, he will join International Fight League champion Jay Hieron as they fight each other at the upcoming UFC 156. This news was from UFC promotion officials and was announced Wednesday.

The Silva versus Hieron fight will also be joined by a featherweight attraction lead by reigning champion Jose Aldo versus former lightweight fighter Frankie Edgar. UFC 156 is scheduled to take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas in February 2, 2013. This event will also feature a fight between ex-Strikeforce heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem and one time EliteXC titleholder Antonio Silva.

Erick “Indio” Silva is a 28 year old welterweight from Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil. He holds 14 wins, 3 losses and 1 no contest in his professional MMA career. Although his latest fight was a loss against Jon Fitch at UFC 153 – Silva versus Bonnar via unanimous decision, he has defeated so many impressive fighters like Charlie Brenneman, Luis Ramos, Francisco Ayon, Gil de Freitas, Jose de Ribamar Machado Gomes and Jorge Luis Bezerra to name a few. With just one no contest fight against Henrique Gomes Oliveira in the way, Silva was supposed to have a 9 consecutive winning streak to his name starting from the time he beat Fabio Issa at Open Fight in August 2007. He will square off with Jay Hieron who is 8 years older than him on Super Bowl Weekend.

Jay “The Thoroughbred” Hieron is from Long Island, New York. He is a welterweight with 23 wins and 6 losses in his professional MMA career. His last fight was a loss to Jake Ellenberger in UFC on FX – Browne versus Bigfoot in October 2012 via unanimous decision but before that he was able to beat Romario Manoel da Silva in Legacy Fighting Championship 12 in July 2012 via technical submission. Hieron is one of the most superb fighters impressing fans with 10 consecutive winning streaks from the World Grand Prix Semi-finals with Donnie Liles in November 2007 to beating Rick Hawn in Bellator Fighting Championship 12 in October 2011. This fight against Indio will surely be a crowd-drawer since fans all over the world are expecting an impressive fight come Super Bowl Weekend. The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas is truly a fitting venue for a much-awaited fight like this.