Heath Herring Speaks Out Against UFC Fighter Pay

Former UFC contender Heath Herring has a lot to say about the UFC following his departure from the sport to pursue various acting roles.

“I’m trying to make money for myself, feed my family, and these guys are trying to do everything they can to make it impossible for me … with the way the UFC’s pay scale and as much as it costs me to get ready for a fight … At the end of the day I made like 40 grand.”

“If I was getting a little more money and it was worth my while I’d get back into fighting … but right now I’m making more in movies. I’ve got to look out for number one as far as that goes.”

“These guys are literally making money off our blood, sweat and tears. We don’t get any health insurance. If you get hurt training for a fight, you’re screwed. It’s really kind of crazy … Dana White’s got six Ferraris. Hell, I just want one.” [Fanhouse]

Herring makes a good point about only netting 40k for headlining a multi-million dollar PPV.

Heath Herring Comfortable Acting, Not In A Rush To Return To Fighting

4 movies filmed, 3-4 more in the works, UFC heavyweight Heath Herring is not in a rush to return to fighting. With health insurance and retirement in full effect from his production company, 31 year old Herring is going to let this movie career play out before even thinking of returning to the sport.

Heath Herring Hits Hollywood, Steps Back From Fighting

Brock Herring

UFC Heavyweight Heath Herring,

“I’ve been trying to get into acting a little bit; it’s actually been taking off. I’ve got a bunch of different movies lined up. Don’t have anything signed just yet, but you know, the film industry is kind of like the fight industry, there’s always rumors, but things always seem to fall in place afterwards. I don’t have anything scheduled right now with the UFC. Like I said, this acting stuff is kind of taking off, I’ve got some other things going on. I’m really not in a big hurry to jump back in there right now. I’m kind of riding this wave and seeing where it’s going to take me…It’s not that I’m not really happy with the UFC … It’s just, you know, like I said, I think that last fight just took a lot out of me. Now with acting, and things kind of taking off, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. And not necessarily with the UFC. Just with the training … you know, some of my trainers and things like that. I think I just needed a little time to step back and maybe do some other things for a little bit. [Fanhouse]

The Texas Crazy Horse recently started in the MMA action flick “Never Surrender” with fellow fighters BJ Penn, GSP and Anderson Silva. Herring seems unmotivated to get back in the cage after his UFC 87 loss to current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Having not fought in over a year, Herring was scheduled to take on Cain Velasquez at UFC 99, but pulled out of the fight due to a bad case of bronchitis.