Georges St-Pierre vs Frank Trigg Full Fight Video

UFC 54 took place August 20, 2005 from Las Vegas, NV. The card featured a dynamic welterweight match-up between Frank Trigg and Georges St. Pierre.

Trigg was coming off his second loss to Matt Hughes at UFC 45 for the welterweight title. This would be Trigg’s 5th fight in the UFC. Trigg was confident, cocky, and sure he had the experience to stop St. Pierre.

St. Pierre was defeated by Matt Hughes as well at UFC 50. Since that fight he had defeated Dave Strasser and Jason Miller. Besides the loss to Hughes, St. Pierre’s fight record was very impressive, winning  9 of his last 10 bouts.

Round 1: Both Trigg and St. Pierre meet in the center of the Octagon. Trigg attempts a knee and backs St. Pierre up. Trigg drops down and tries a takedown. St. Pierre defends, flips it around, and puts Trigg on his back. St. Pierre mounts him and starts reigning down major punches. Trigg is trying to defend, but St. Pierre is scoring major points, landing bombs on Trigg’s face. St. Pierre continues to work in top position, taking Trigg’s back more than once, and threatening with an arm triangle. St. Pierre is totally dominating Trigg with elbows and punches, working from the mount, and taking his back. St. Pierre is throwing punch after unanswered punch, and Trigg is just trying to survive.

While punching, St. Pierre manages to slip his arm around Trigg’s neck and secure a rear naked choke. Trigg is just holding on, and the momentum of St. Pierre flips both Trigg and Georges sideways, with St. Pierre still holding the choke. When they land sideways, St. Pierre is still holding the choke  very tightly. Trigg cannot take anymore and taps right away. Referee John Mccarthy separates the two, and Georges St. Pierre defeats Frank Trigg by submission in Round 1.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes Full Fight Video

UFC 65 took place November 16, 2006 in Sacramento, CA. The main event was a welterweight championship fight between the champ, Matt Hughes, and the challenger, Georges St. Pierre.

This would be the second meeting between the two. They previously fought at UFC 50, where Matt Hughes earned the victory in Round 1 by submitting St. Pierre by armbar.

With one loss only to BJ Penn, Matt Hughes had been an extremely dominant champion in the welterweight division, winning 7 of his past 8 fights. He defeated Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, Hayato Sakurai, Carlos Newton twice, Gil Castillo, and Renato Verissimo.

St. Pierre had been on a tear since joining the UFC in 2002. Before losing to Matt Hughes at UFC 50, St. Pierre had a perfect 7-0 record, beating fighters like Ivan Menjivar, Justin Bruckmann, Karo Parisyan, and Jay Hieron. After the loss to Hughes, St. Pierre wasted no time, going 5-0 in his next five fights against stiff competition. He defeated Dave Strasser, Jason Miller, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, and BJ Penn. It was St. Pierre’s continuing dominance up the welterweight ladder that earned him another shot at Matt Hughes.

Round 1: St. Pierre and Hughes meet in the middle of the ring. They circle briefly, then St. Pierre starts to open up with jabs. He starts immediately throwing leg kicks and punches. St. Pierre looks like a man possessed as he is the aggressor. Hughes throws a couple of punches back, but so far he can not match the output of St. Pierre. St. Pierre is really pushing the action, landing jabs and kicks. St. Pierre throws a spinning back kick that lands to Hughes body that forces him back into the cage.

They re-engage and St. Pierre accidently kicks to Hughes groin area. Hughes gets up and they continue. St. Pierre lands another kick to the groin right away, and Hughes takes a break. They continue in the center and St. Pierre continues where he left off. He is dominating in the stand up, throwing punches, leg kicks, and some knees. With about a minute left in the round, St. Pierre catches a kick from Hughes and takes him down. He works inside his guard, landing a few punches. Hughes is able to get back to his feet, and they move back to the center. Hughes tries to get St. Pierre down and he is unable to. With only seconds left in the round, St. Pierre connects with a strong hook that drops Hughes to the canvas. St. Pierre pounces trying to finish, but the horn sounds the end of the round.

Round 2:  They meet in the center again. St. Pierre opens up with a couple of kick attempts. St. Pierre looks to be the fresher of the two as Hughes face shows damage from Round 1. St. Pierre continues putting on a clinic, catching Hughes with stiff jabs, and throwing kicks that backs Hughes up. At the 3:43 mark of the fight, St. Pierre catches Hughes with a strong high kick to the face. The kick drops Hughes immediately to the canvas and he looks hurt. St. Pierre rushes Hughes and starts dropping bombs to his head. Hughes tries to hold on, but St. Pierre’s attack is too strong, and after 2 or 3 unanswered elbows from St. Pierre, referee John Mccarthy steps in and stops the fight. St. Pierre defeats Matt Hughes by KO in Round 2, and becomes the new welterweight champion of the world.


Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra Full Fight Video

UFC 83 was held in Montreal, Canada on April 19, 2008. The main event was a championship bout between welterweight champion, Matt Serra, and the challenger, Georges St. Pierre.

St. Pierre had lost the belt to Serra in a shocking upset at UFC 69. Serra had caught St. Pierre with a vicious right hook late in round one that stunned St. Pierre.  St. Pierre was stunned very badly, and Serra capitalized on that by catching him with several more solid punches.

One final right hook put St. Pierre on the canvas. Serra pounced on him in the mounted position, and pounded St. Pierre until he could no longer continue. The MMA world was turned upside down by Serra’s incredible win and St. Pierre’s shocking loss. Now they would rematch once again for the welterweight belt.

Round 1:  They meet in the center of the Octagon, touch gloves, and start the feeling out process. Within seconds, Serra attempts a punch. St. Pierre quickly dodges it, then immediately shoots and scores a takedown. St. Pierre gets in top position and starts working, throwing punches to Serra’s body and head. Serra struggles to hold on to St. Pierre and keep control, but St. Pierre dominates from top position.

Serra is unable to mount any kind of offense at all. St. Pierre starts reigning down punches, landing effectively to Serra’s face. At the 1:30 mark, Serra rolls over, giving up his back. St. Pierre starts landing hammer fists to the side of Serra’s head. Serra tries to stand up, but St. Pierre stays right on him, riding him on the side of the cage. About: 40 left, Serra is finally able to stand, with his face cut and bleeding. Serra attempts a few punches, none landing. 20 seconds later St. Pierre takes him down again, lands some solid punches, and a strong knee to the body, then the round ends.

Round 2:  They meet in the center again. Serra throws one kick which allows St. Pierre to quickly score another takedown. He backs Serra into the cage and starts working him with punches and knees. Serra struggles to get to his feet, but St. Pierre is relentless. After 30 seconds Serra is finally able to stand, but is unable to do any damage. St. Pierre throws several stiff, unanswered jabs, and then takes Serra down once again.

Serra looks tired as St. Pierre drops punches, hammer fists, and knees to Serra’s body. At the 1:30 mark, Serra has given up his back once again, and St. Pierre capitalizes by throwing vicious knees to Serra’s rib cage. After 3 or 4 knees, Serra rolls over and St. Pierre continues to reign down punches. Seconds later, Serra decides to roll over again, exposing his back. There are: 40 left in the round. St. Pierre starts landing vicious knees to Serra’s ribs once again, and Serra is not defending at this point. After rolling over another time, Serra exposes his body yet again with: 20 left.

Georges starts landing knee after knee to Serra’s body. Serra is just covering his face at this point and not doing anything to defend. After about the 4th unanswered knee, referee Yves Lavigne had seen enough, and steps in and stops the fight with: 15 left in the round. Georges St. Pierre has won the match by TKO in the second round, and is once again crowned the UFC welterweight champion.