Frankie Edgar: Lightweight turned Featherweight

Frankie Edgar was a former UFC lightweight champion and just recently, has decided to join UFC featherweight ranks. His move was announced in last Tuesday’s episode of “UFC Tonight” which is featured on Fuel TV. The announcement was also confirmed the report through the official UFC Twitter feed after the UFC Tonight broadcast.

Before this announcement, it was unknown if Edgar will make his move to 145 pounds as the fighter’s managers and coaches were not available for comment. The news from the UFC show finally confirmed the latest move on Edgar’s career.

To recall, Edgar won the UFC lightweight title in 2010 when he defeated B.J. Penn. It was called a “controversial” match at the UFC 112. Edgar emerged the clear victor in the rematch. He was able to defend the title once more from Penn four months later at UFC 118 via unanimous decision.

But lately, Edgar was twice defeated by Benson Henderson; the first was in UFC 144 in a headline fight in February 2012 via unanimous decision. The second time was at the UFC 150 entitled “Henderson versus Edgar 2” in August via split decision. Edgar’s recent win is nearly a year ago against Gray Maynard at UFC 136 in a headline fight where he won by knocking out Maynard.

Even with his recent losses to Henderson, Edgar remains focused and determined to challenge fighters in the featherweight division. After all, he has defeated impressive fighters like Matt Veach, Sean Sherk, Hermes Franca, Tyson Griffin and Jim Miller, to name a few. In his young MMA career, he has 14 wins, only 3 losses and 1 draw under his belt.

There are many fighters like Edgar who have moved up from one division to another or has moved down as well but in the end had regrettable results. Edgar needs to efficiently shed several pounds of weight and to train to become quicker and possibly sharper to be able to compete against featherweight fighters. It is not always a pleasing move especially when you are comfortable in your own weight.

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar is a 30 year old fighter from Toms River, New Jersey. He hopes that his move from lightweight to featherweight is The Answer to his growing career. But with 14 wins in his career he will surely be able to do so after hard training and reducing weight efficiently.

A Move to 145 lbs for Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar lost to Benson Henderson last Saturday at UFC 150 after a very controversial split decision match. His loss added to the possibility that he should drop a weight class which was a decision that Edgar has been considering for quite a time now.

Edgar was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network’s “It’s Time” Show with Bruce Buffer and he commented: “I’m going to give myself a week to kind of just let all the emotions go away, just relax and enjoy my family and then sit down probably Sunday with my team and everyone else and just start bouncing some ideas around.” He added: “Forty-five is a possibility. Fifty-five. I have been so successful and I would love to get a shot at the 155 –pound belt again. Who knows? The 145 – pound belt is definitely a prestigious belt to go after, especially with Jose Aldo at the helm of it all, but I’ve just got to really sit down and just discuss it with my team and my family and just make the right decision for myself.”

Edgar has been an impressive fighter even though he is not one of the biggest lightweight in his class. He has beaten B.J.  Penn twice and knocked out Gray Maynard as well. These are possibly some reasons why some say that he deserved the decision over the fight with Henderson last Saturday.

A move to 145 pounds is a possibility and is not a difficult thing to achieve, Edgar also said. “I don’t think I have to tweak much. I’d probably would clean my diet maybe some. I like to eat fairly clean and I’m not a huge eater so I would not have to change too, too much. But I’ll be honest: I think a lot of 145 –pounds are probably bigger than me down at that weight class anyway. They probably walk around heavier than I do. I don’t think making the weight would be too much of a problem.

Edgar is also open to the possibilities of problems that he may encounter in fighting in a new weight division. After all, he has had fought rematches before. He has fought Penn twice, twice for Henderson as well. He has even fought Maynard three times. Overall, it was only Henderson he could not beat. “You would love another chance at it, but down the line, you never know what could happen.”

Benson Henderson Beats Frankie Edgar in a Split Decision Match at UFC 150

Benson Henderson retains the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title as he wins over Frankie Edgar at the UFC 150 via split decision. Henderson captured the split decision over the former champion in the headliner fight at the UFC 150 held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The headliner fight was a split decision; two of the three judges Dave Hagen and Mark Van Tine scored the match 48 – 47 in favor of Henderson, the third judge Tony Weeks gave a 49 – 46 ruling in favor of Edgar.

After the match, Henderson commented: “I was confused.  The scoring on that one was a little weird. I thought 49 -46 but the judge was up close, so is this what it is? You always have to be concerned when it goes to the judges.”

Henderson’s fight plan was clear, he focused on kicks on Edgar’s legs which were effective in the early minutes of the match however, Edgar wised up and countered using his hands. He even managed to plant one on Henderson sending the fighter on the seat of his shorts in the second round. Fans and viewers clearly saw that rounds 1 and 2 were under Henderson’s control; the 5th round was all Edgar’s. On the other hand, round 3 and 4 were more difficult to call since both fighters were very competitive.

Henderson further commented: “Frankie’s tough,” remember that he was able to capture the belt from Edgar at UFC 144. “We all know how tough he is and his team is. They always bring it in rematches. I knew he would be tougher than in the first fight. I had to come in here and lay it on the line!”

Edgar has a few words to Henderson: “It don’t matter. I thought I brought it to him, but congrats to Ben. I’m upset, man. What are you going to do? I did [think I won]. I thought I brought it to him.”

Benson “The Smooth” Henderson is from Glendale, Arizona with 17 wins and 2 losses on his record. This win against Frankie Edgar is his 5th consecutive win with his recent fight also against Frankie Edgar as he captured the lightweight belt at the UFC 144 in February 2012. This match however was a unanimous decision as compared to UFC 150 split controversial decision.