Georges St-Pierre vs Frank Trigg Full Fight Video

UFC 54 took place August 20, 2005 from Las Vegas, NV. The card featured a dynamic welterweight match-up between Frank Trigg and Georges St. Pierre.

Trigg was coming off his second loss to Matt Hughes at UFC 45 for the welterweight title. This would be Trigg’s 5th fight in the UFC. Trigg was confident, cocky, and sure he had the experience to stop St. Pierre.

St. Pierre was defeated by Matt Hughes as well at UFC 50. Since that fight he had defeated Dave Strasser and Jason Miller. Besides the loss to Hughes, St. Pierre’s fight record was very impressive, winning  9 of his last 10 bouts.

Round 1: Both Trigg and St. Pierre meet in the center of the Octagon. Trigg attempts a knee and backs St. Pierre up. Trigg drops down and tries a takedown. St. Pierre defends, flips it around, and puts Trigg on his back. St. Pierre mounts him and starts reigning down major punches. Trigg is trying to defend, but St. Pierre is scoring major points, landing bombs on Trigg’s face. St. Pierre continues to work in top position, taking Trigg’s back more than once, and threatening with an arm triangle. St. Pierre is totally dominating Trigg with elbows and punches, working from the mount, and taking his back. St. Pierre is throwing punch after unanswered punch, and Trigg is just trying to survive.

While punching, St. Pierre manages to slip his arm around Trigg’s neck and secure a rear naked choke. Trigg is just holding on, and the momentum of St. Pierre flips both Trigg and Georges sideways, with St. Pierre still holding the choke. When they land sideways, St. Pierre is still holding the choke  very tightly. Trigg cannot take anymore and taps right away. Referee John Mccarthy separates the two, and Georges St. Pierre defeats Frank Trigg by submission in Round 1.

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UFC Cuts Trigg, Coleman, Nover and Hague

Times are hard in this this economy. The UFC made quick work, cutting UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman shorty after his loss to Randy Couture in the main event at UFC 109. Also cut, former UFC welterweight contender Frank Trigg after his weak performance against Matt Serra.

UFC 109 undercard fighters Phillipe Nover and Tim Hague are also on that list. Nover, a TUF veteran, was expected to be one of the UFC’s top prospects following the show, but after going 0-3 in the UFC, he was let go.

The UFC roster is very tight, named fighters are being let go after just two loses and newcomers know every fight is a must win.