Evan Tanner documentary video trailer for “Once I Was A Champion”

Documentary video trailer for Evan Tanner “Once I Was A Champion”

“Everything’s been about the journey, I never really set out with goals for fighting … it’s been about the adventure along the way. When you’re on your death bed, it’s those stories, those little adventures that are going to be the things that you remember. It’s not so much getting there, but how you got there.”

The release date has not yet been officially announced.

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner

The death of Evan Tanner shows the fragility of life. Even those few individuals, who are seemingly invincible, like UFC fighters, are ultimately just human. The way he lived his life was envious. Tanner did so on his own terms, attempting to value each day, while living life to the fullest.

From my perspective, I remember Tanner as a warrior. Tanner was a quirky, eccentric personality, who fought with a never-say-die attitude. His heart was always on display and despite losing several fights, he never backed down from a challenge.

Tanner died searching for an adventure. I hope he understood that his life was one big adventure and the legacy he left behind teaches us seize each day. He will be sorely missed in the MMA community.

Diaz gets the W

At Fight Night 15, Nate Diaz eked out a victory over a very game Josh Neer. What ended up being primarily a ground battle, was entertaining from start to finish. Ultimately though, Diaz certainly did enough to win, with both fighters showing true tenacity.

What was impressive about Diaz’s performance was that despite never being able to secure the submission he clearly wanted, he remained composed. At no point did Diaz seem flustered, gassed or worried. He kept chipping away at Neer and controlling the fight. His escapes were top notch, his wrestling was solid and overall I thought he performed admirably.

His problem remains his striking. It’s humorous because his striking style is exactly like his brother, but even less technical. It’s’ almost as if he paws at his opponent, with very little power. Yet, he throws quite a lot when he chooses to engage. Against a disciplined striker though, Diaz would be overmatched.

Another win though, elevates him further up the ladder. With Tyson Griffin, Sean Sherk, Joe Stevenson and Kenny Florian all involved in upcoming matches, it’ll be interesting to see who he fights next. A showdown with wild and aggressive Roger Huerta would be explosive.

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UFC News: Former UFC Middleweight Champion Evan Tanner Found Dead

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Evan Tanner found dead in the California desert.

He apparently texted a friend last Wednesday saying he had run out of water, that was the last anyone heard from the former champion. After his disappearance was reported on Friday, a massive search of the area was conducted, which ended when his body was found yesterday.

The 37 year old fighter blogged last month about “treasure hunting and lost gold, and my own insatiable appetite for adventure and exploration…..I plan on going so deep into the desert, that any failure of my equipment could cost me my life.”

via CagePotato:

Hayner said that Tanner had gone into the desert on a motorcycle expedition and had run out of gas. Tanner was attempting to walk out of the desert, Hayner said, but apparently didn’t realize how far away from civilization he was and died of exposure in the triple-digit heat. Tanner’s empty campsite was spotted Sunday, and an aerial search located his body earlier this afternoon.

Evan Tanner a unique spirit and true champion will indeed be missed.

CageToday.com would like to express our condolences to his family and loved ones.