WEC 33: Paulo Filho Vs. Chael Sonnen

wec 33 filho vs. sonnen

WEC 33: Paulo Filho Vs. Chael Sonnen
March 26, 2008
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Broadcast Live on Versus

The Brazilian news site Tatame reported that Paulo Filho asked to have his fight rescheduled till June, due to a bout of depression.

According to Sherdog, it know looks like the WEC isn’t going to just let him out of his obligation one month before the fight.

Filhos manager Ed Soares responds:

“He went through some personal issues, and he basically pulled everything together. During difficult times you get to see who your true friends are, and everyone is coming together to help him get ready for this fight.”

Main Card

Paulo Filho Vs. Chael Sonnen
Doug Marshall Vs. Brian Stann
Ed Ratcliff Vs. Marcus Hicks
Steve Cantwell Vs. Tim McKenzie
Hiromitsu Miura Vs. Blas Avena
John Alessio Vs. Brock Larson
Sergio Gomez Vs. Richard Crunkilton Jr.
Ryan Stonitsch Vs. Alex Serdyukov
Chris Manuel Vs. Kenji Osawa
Logan Clark Vs. Bryan Baker

WEC 31: Farber Vs. Curran Official Payouts

wec payout money

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has released official fighter pay for WEC 31: Farber vs. Curren which took place on December 12.

WEC 31 Payouts

Jens Pulver: $60,000 (30k to fight, 30k to win)
Paulo Filho: $56,000 ( 38k to fight, 18k to win)
Urijah Faber: $40,000 (20k to fight, 20k to win)
John Alessio: $26,000 (13k to fight, 13k to win)
Chael Sonnen: $25,000 (25k to fight)
Charles Valencia: $12,000 (6k to fight, 6k to win)
Jeff Curran: $10,000 (10k to fight)
Doug Marshall: $10,000 (5k to fight, 5k to win) 9th fight in WEC
Bryan Baker: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Alex Karalexis: $8,000 (8k to fight)
Ed Ratcliff: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Brian Bowles: $6,000 (3k to fight, 3k to win)
Cub Swanson: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Marcos Galvao: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Eric Schambari: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Ariel Gandulla: $4,000 (5k to fight)
Todd Moore: $4,000 (4k to fight)
Ian McCall: $3,000 (3k to fight)

Total Payout: $295,000

And the award for “Fighter In Need Of A Better Agent” go’s to Doug Marshall (5k a fight). Aside from holding the WEC Light Heavyweight Belt, this was also Doug Marshall’s 9th fight in the WEC.

WEC 31: Faber Vs. Curran Weigh-In Results

wec 31

WEC 31: Faber vs. Curran Weigh-In Results
December 12 Live on Verses
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Urijah Faber (144 lbs) vs Jeff Curran (143.5 lbs) – Featherweight Title
Paulo Filho (185 lbs) vs Chael Sonnen (185 lbs) – Middleweight Title
Doug Marshall (204 lbs) vs Ariel Gandulla (199 lbs) – Light Heavyweight Title
Jens Pulver (145 lbs) vs Cub Swanson (146 lbs)
John Alessio (170 lbs) vs Todd Moore (167.5 lbs)
Bryan Baker (183.5 lbs) vs Eric Schambari (182.5 lbs)
Alex Karalexis (155 lbs) vs Ed Ratcliff (155 lbs)
Ian McCall (136 lbs) vs Charlie Valencia (134 lbs)
Brian Bowles (134 lbs) vs Marcos Galvao (136 lbs)

CageToday.com will have WEC 31 Live Results here on Wednesday night.