Matt Hughes and Diego Sanchez In The Works

The Ultimate Fighter Championships has announced that former champion Matt Hughes will face “The Dream” Diego Sanchez later this year. No venue or date for the fight were given.

Diego Sanchez Ain’t Afraid To Train and DUMP In Nature

UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez checks in as he heads out for a nice mountain nature run. Along the way he does the “Van Damme” splits on a bridge and relives himself in the woods before getting in some soaking time in the hot springs. Kinda tame for Diego, the guy who brought us the “YES!” cartwheel.

Diego Sanchez Going Back To His Core, Wrestling

UFC lightweight/welterweight Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez has been in the wrestling room lately, getting back to his core skill that lead him to MMA.

“He’s a tough guy. I think his striking’s good, but I don’t think it’s great. I think he kinda got lucky with the Koscheck knockout and I don’t think he’s some flashy standup guy. I see a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guy; that’s his base, that’s his foundation, and that’s his strength. As far as his wrestling goes, he’s been out wrestled in the past by several guys so I see holes in his game. I think he’s very tough and I think he’s the perfect opponent for me right now in my career. And just for the record, I do plan on dropping back to 155 after this fight. Me and Greg (Jackson) and the team are just gonna work together and see what Joe (Silva) can get lined up for me. And like I said, my whole mindset is to earn the victory and that’s it.”