UFC on FOX 9 Results: Demetrius Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez II Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC on FOX 9 took place December 14, 2013 from Sacramento, CA. The main event was a championship fight in the flyweight division. Champion Demetrius Johnson would once again take on Joseph Benavidez.

The two fought over a year ago in Sept 2012 to decide who would become the first UFC flyweight champion. Johnson won the belt in a razor close decision in a highly competitive bout.

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UFC on FOX 9 Presser Highlights

Round 1: Both fighters come out and meet in the center. They circle each other briefly and Johnson throws a jab. Benavidez follows up with a quick leg kick. Both men attempt kicks and jabs in the center, with neither landing. They both appear evenly matched. Benavidez tries rushing in with punches but Johnson evades easily.

Neither one lands anything significant, but the action is fast and energetic. Benavidez has landed several punches, but nothing damaging. Johnson has not mounted too much offense in the first 2 minutes, he is mostly evading Benavidez attacks.

Johnson finally moves forward, backing Benavidez into the cage. Benavidez tries a front push kick to back Johnson away, but Johnson counters with a solid right hook that immediately drops Benavidez to the canvas. Johnson follows up with several more unanswered shots to the face, and referee John Mccarthy steps in and pulls Johnson off.

Demetrius Johnson defeats Joseph Benavidez by KO in round 1 and remains the UFC flyweight champion.

Johnson vs Benavidez Highlights

UFC on FOX 9 Post Fight Conference

Main Card results:

Uriah Faber looked very impressive against top contender Michael Mcdonald, finishing him by submission in round 2.

Chad Mendes defeated Nik Lentz by unanimous decision.

Joe Lauzon looked great in his match, winning a unanimous decision victory over long time veteran Mac Danzig.

Demetrious Johnson Spoils John Dodson’s Attempt to Steal the Flyweight Title

A determined champ, which was what everyone thought of Demetrious Johnson as he defended his flyweight title for the first time at the Octagon. UFC on Fox 6 couldn’t have turned any better as Johnson spoils challenger John Dodson. The two great fighters fought for five straight rounds but at the end it was a unanimous decision that declared champion Johnson as the winner.

Mighty MouseJohnson gave all his best but this did not mean that Dodson was just there to take on the punches. Dodson even managed to evade several combinations that Johnson gave in and in one round (Round 2) he even came out with an advantage as he timed left hooks at Johnson. At that round, Dodson was even seen to match the speed of Johnson as he avoided and countered most of his shots.

But it was at the next three rounds when Johnson began to take the fight seriously. Changing his tactics and started to make variations that Dodson could not even match. At the last two rounds, Dodson managed to survive a terrible knee injury that left him bleeding and other injuries that will surely leave him sore after the fight. Johnson on the other hand was beaming during the final two rounds; fans and spectators even described him as a champion that was able to dismantle a contender. He walked all over Dodson and managed to defend his title without any effort in the final round.

Johnson showed everyone what a great and determined fighter he was. He did not disappoint fans, his coaches, his team and of course himself. There were a lot of speculations that UFC was wrong in placing flyweights as headliners for a fight but the event between Johnson and Dodson proved that this was nothing but doubts. This event at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois proved to be one of the most widely attended and viewed UFC event ever.

TVByTheNumbers.com last Sunday has released reports that UFC on Fox 6 averaged 3.77 million viewers which is an increase in the total number of viewers for UFC on Fox 5 last December 8, 2012 which was a lightweight event that featured Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz. Based on these ratings, Fox has garnered on of the best ratings among adults aged 18 to 49 around 10 pm. Definitely there will be more UFC flyweight fights to be featured soon due to this unexpected response from the viewing public.

UFC on Fox 6 Demetrious Johnson Wins Against John Dodson

It was a unanimous win as Demetrious Johnson defeats John Dodson for their flyweight headline fight. The crowd at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois cheered as their heroes step inside the Octagon but by the time the historic 5 rounds were over, there was once clear winner for this event; it’s no other than Demetrious “Mighty MouseJohnson. Let us look at their impressive fight, round per round.

Round one. The round started with fighters bouncing about and looking for the ideal stance to take each one out but Dodson decides it’s too slow and kicks Johnson several times as the later tries to deliver overhead punches. Dodson uses a right hand to temporarily stun Johnson but the champ was quick to recover. Johnson gave his all with right hands, hard lefts and double-leg combinations that finally placed Dodson down. Dodson was able to recover and was quick to escape; Johnson was about to strike using his head but the bell rang and the move was cut. Johnson was the clear winner of this round.

Round two. Dodson is able to recover with everything that Johnson threw at him. He has even managed to land a kick to the champ’s body and drops him using a left hook; you can even see serious damage to Johnson’s right cheek as he faced the threatening left hook of Dodson. And even before the round ended, Dodson was able to deliver a left straight. Johnson was not completely done as he was able to provide two knee punches before the round ended. Dodson wins this round.

Round three. This round was a mix of Johnson and Dodson moves but was clearly dominated by Dodson as he was able to deliver right hands and knee combinations that were even enough to stun the champ. But Johnson was able to hit a takedown before the round ended; Dodson was caught and he fell with several knees to his body. A left hand by Dodson ends the round.

Round four. This round was dominated by Johnson as he remained unfazed by Dodson’s combination moves and possible takedowns. Dodson survived the round with bleeding knees and terrible injuries on the head as blood spills on the mat below.

Round five. With Dodson’s injuries, it was a miracle that he lasted another round. This one was clearly Johnson’s as he delivered punches, combination moves and finally a Thai clinch that resolved the entire match. Demetrious Johnson wins over John Dodson via unanimous decision.