Tito Ortiz Planning Retirement With A Bang On Forth of July Weekend

Tito Ortiz is finally done. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy is looking to end his 15 year run in the sport against either Chuck Liddell or Forrest Griffin [Read more...]

Chuck Liddell At Immortals Movie Premiere (Pic)

Good Ol Chuck: The Iceman arrives at the Immortals movie premiere at Nokia Theater LA Live in Los Angeles.

Chuck Liddell: Hawaii Five-O, Promoting Fights and FOX

Chuck Liddell talks with media about life after fighting. Liddell talks about getting to show off his acting chops on the hit series Hawaii Five-O. Chuck will make his appearance on the show sometime this Fall.

“It was fun, getting on Hawaii Five-O, it was a show I used to watch, now it’s a new version of it but it was great working with the stunt guys and all the guys out there on the show, it was fun. I like acting, so I like doing that stuff. I have fun with it and it’s another way to get the sport out there and get it to people who wouldn’t check out a fight. Maybe they will after they see it on a TV show.”

A true fighter at heart, Chuck still wants to mix it up in the cage.

“Look, I still want to fight, I still like fighting but my reasons for retiring have stayed the same and there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m happy promoting the sport and helping to grow the sport I love.”

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