Pettis vs Aldo, Josh Barnett rejects UFC, Vitor on TRT, and TUF 17

Anthony Pettis was quickly granted his wish to fight featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Dana White confirmed that the two will meet on August 3rd of this year for the UFC Featherweight Championship. So where does this leave Frankie Edgar who has decided that he will not rejoin the ranks of the UFC’s Lightweights.

The UFC offered Josh Barnett a contract, but Barnetts manager says they rejected the offer. When asked was it a money issue, Barnett’s manager was quoted as saying “The compensation part of the contract was fine, we didn’t even counter it. It was another particular that kept it from happening”. It makes it wonder if it could be some type of clause that deals with PED’s.

Speaking of PEDS. I wonder if Michael Bisping was aware that his opponent Vitor Belfort had the green light on taking TRT prior to their bout last month. Well he did, and it’s just another example of how uneven the UFC’s playing field is becoming.

On the third episode of TUF 17, Urijah Hall scored a devastating knockout over his opponent, one that I’m sure everyone in that house will remember. Furthermore he propelled Team Sonnen to 2-0, and once again in control of the next pick.

Randy Couture signs deal with Spike TV for Bellator reality series

This season’s Ultimate Fighter featuring Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen has so far proved to be entertaining. Episode 2 aired Tuesday night, and featured the first quarterfinal matchup and the first fight since the 16 contenders for the TUF 17 entered the house.

Gilbert Smith of team Jones squared off against Luke Barnatt of team Sonnen. Many were puzzled by Jones choosing to put his number four pick up against the number one pick of Sonnen, including some of Smith’s teammates. In any case everybody’s doubts were correct when Barnatt scored a late KO of Smith in the second round of their match. Until that point, the fight was pretty much a draw, which can also raise the question, just how good is Sonnens number one pick. In any case Team Sonnen now has the advantage. On next week’s episode Chael Sonnen went with his No. 2 pick Uriah Hall to matchup against Team Jones’ No. 6 pick Adam Cella.

In other new UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture inked a mutil- year deal with Spike TV according to several media outlets. Couture will be a part of Bellators new reality based series that will be aired on Spike TV to fill the void for the departing TUF, Dana White obviously wasn’t happy about the decision. However, he was happy about Nick Diaz’s behavior in Montreal to promote his upcoming bout with GSP at UFC 158. White said Diaz, was cooperative, and even hung around to sign autographs for the fans.

Dana White Will Help “Cyborg” Santos Lose Weight as New Ultimate Fighter 17 Commercial Airs

The outspoken UFC President, Dana White is willing to hire the help of trainer and fitness author Mike Dolce to manage Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. He is not accepting excuses from the fighter that she cannot make bantamweight weight limit to be able to fight Ronda Rousey.

He said that the only way that Santos will be able to fight at UFC is in the bantamweight division. When Dana White was interviewed he reiterated that: “She can get to this weight. We have an expert who can help you lose weight in a healthy way. We have Mike Dolce, who has wrestlers lose weight and still feel good and it’s all about your diet. He is 100 percent ready to work with her and will not cost anything to Cris… Cyborg needs to get on the boat. If she wants to fight in the UFC, she’ll have to fight this category of 135 pounds.” White also added a special bonus: “The stupidest thing about it is that she has Tito Ortiz as his manager.”

And still at UFC, the new The Ultimate Fighter 17 commercial has been released. This is for the January 22 premier of their new season. The reason why this season is very special is that it will feature light heavyweight Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen; these impressive fighters will coach this season’s new set of fighters and not to mention will fight for the light heavyweight title in April.

UFC President Dana White has even commented that other fighters were scared out of their wits to fight these two hard hitting fighters.

Jon “Bones” Jones is a premier light heavyweight from Rochester, New York, USA and has a superb 17 I win and only one loss which is under the hands of Matt Hamill way back in The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale in 2009. Chael Sonnen on the other hand is from West Linn, Oregon, USA with a 27 wins, 12 losses and 1 draw in his record. His last fight was a loss against Anderson Silva in a headline fight in UFC 148 in July 2012.

These two will square it off at UFC 159 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on April 27, 2013.