Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann Full Fight Video

UFC 136 was held on Oct 8, 2011 in Houston, TX. The card featured an exciting middleweight showdown between Chael Sonnen and Brian Stann.

This was Sonnen’s first fight after losing to Anderson “The Spider” Silva at UFC 117. Even though he came up short, Sonnen put on a brilliant performance, dominating Silva like no one had done before. Fight fans all over the world were anxious to see a rematch between Silva and Sonnen, but he would have to fight his way back to another title shot. His first obstacle, Brian Stann.

Stann had entered the UFC in the light heavyweight division, but moved down to middleweight where he won his first 3 fights, defeating Jorge Santiago, Chris Leben, and Mike Massenzio. A former military  veteran, Stann was well respected and feared for his punching power and toughness. He looked very impressive in his last 3 fights, finishing every one of his opponents. Now, this was Stann’s chance to make a statement to the MMA world.

Round 1:  Sonnen and Stann come to the center. Sonnen immediately goes for a takedown. Stann defends and Chael works him into the cage. They scramble briefly, and Chael keeps Stann against the cage while he throws knees and punches. Chael pulls Stann away from the cage and trips him down to the canvas. This is Sonnen’s world, on the mat, and he keeps Stann on the bottom. Stann tries to hold Sonnen to prevent taking damage, but Chael stays on him, reigning down punches, knees, and even taking Stann’s back. Sonnen dominates the remainder of the entire round in top position, doing whatever he wants to do. The round ends with Sonnen on top reigning down punches and elbows to Stann’s head.

Round 2:  Both fighters come out, and in seconds Sonnen takes Stann down. He starts working immediately, throwing punches over and over again, to Stann’s face. Stann is trying his best to defend Sonnen’s attack, but Chael is having his way with Stann. Chael gets into full mount, throwing steady punches to Brian’s face. Stann is not mounting any kind of offense and tries to hold on.

The referee makes a decision to stand them up even though Sonnen is working. Stann attempts a couple of hard right hands, but neither hit their mark. Sonnen avoids Stann’s attack and closes the distance. He works Stann back into the cage, and moments later he drops down and picks Stann up in the air. He slams him to the mat and moves back into top position. Sonnen is able to put an arm triangle on Stann and jumps over to the opposite side. Stann tries to hang on, but the triangle is too tight and Stann is forced to tap out. The referee comes in and separates the two. Chael Sonnen defeats Brian Stann by submission in Round 2.

Nate Marquardt vs Chael Sonnen Full Fight Video

UFC 109 took place in Las Vegas, NV on Feb 6, 2010. The co-main event was a middleweight bout between Nate Marquardt and Chael Sonnen. This fight would determine who would get the next shot of then champion, Anderson Silva.

Nate Marquardt had already fought Silva for the title, but came up short at UFC 73. Since UFC 73, Nate had won 4 of his last 5 bouts. He lost a split decision to Thales Leites at UFC 85, but had finished his last 3 opponents by KO, including Martin Kampmann, Wilson Gouveia, and Demian Maia. He felt revitalized, and was ready for another bout with Silva.

Sonnen, who is one of the best wrestlers in MMA, had just won 2 unanimous decisions over Dan Miller and Yushin Okami, and felt he was ready to take his career to the next level. He was more than up to the challenge of taking on Marquardt.

Round 1: They meet in the center of the Octagon and start engaging immediately, both throwing punches and kicks. Chael is pushing the action, and takes Nate down after one minute. Nate attempts a guillotine, but is unable to finish it. Chael breaks free and starts throwing serious ground and pound on Marquardt. Nate tries to hold on to Chael, but is unable to stop Chael’s attack. Nate is able to pop up for a few seconds, but Chael gets him right back down. Sonnen continues to work in Nate’s guard, landing punches to the face and the body. Chael is completely dominating Round 1, and Nate is unable to mount any kind of offense whatsoever. Chael ends the round in top position.

Round 2:  Chael gets Nate down in 5 seconds after the round starts and begins where he left off in Round 1. Nate gets a hold of one of Chael’s arms, attempting a kimura, but is unable to do anything with it. Chael breaks free and his assault continues. Chael is consistently working, constantly throwing punches to the face and the body, and some elbows.

At about the halfway mark, Nate is bloodied up from the punches he’s been absorbing, and manages to grab Chael’s leg, attempting a heel hook. He quickly loses it, and in the process gives up his back. Chael starts landing hammer fists and punches to the side of Nate’s face, while Nate throws a few back elbows of his own. Chael is just all over Nate, not giving him room to do anything. Chael continues in top position until the round ends.

Round 3:  Nate grabs Chael’s leg, attempting to take him down. He is unable to and they both stand momentarily. Chael throws a couple of feints, pushing Nate back into the cage. Chael shoots for another takedown and scores. He immediately starts working again, throwing punches while in Nate’s guard. Nate is simply trying to survive, but he has no answer at this point for scoring any offense. Chael dominates most of the round in top position, doing what he has done for the majority of the fight. Nate is able to scramble to his feet at the 2:00 mark.

Chael goes right in for another takedown, and Nate turns it into a guillotine attempt. Nate holds it tight, trying to finish, but Chael is able to pop his head out, and works back in top position. At 1:00, Nate is able to flip the position, and gets Chael on his back. They are in the north/south position, and time is ticking away for Nate. Nate stands up, and starts dropping punches on Chael with only :20 left in the fight. He is only able to land a handful of punches, but nothing strong enough to finish the fight. The round finally ends, and the decision goes to the judges. The winner by unanimous decision is Chael Sonnen, and Sonnen gets the next shot at the middleweight belt held by Anderson Silva.

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