Carlos Condit vs Dan Hardy Full Fight Video

UFC 120 was held on October 16, 2010 in London, United Kingdom. The co-main event was an exciting match-up between welterweights, Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit, and Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy.

Condit was a well respected veteran who had fought previously in the WEC organization. He held the WEC belt and had defended it 3 times before coming over to the UFC. His first bout in the UFC was a decision loss to Martin Kampmann, but he won his next two fights, defeating Jake Ellenberger and Rory Macdonald. Being a former WEC champion, Condit was ready to wear a belt once again, only now he had his sights set on wearing UFC gold. The only thing in his way was Dan Hardy.

Hardy was an exciting up and comer who was making noise in the welterweight division as well. Hardy won his first 4 fights consecutively, defeating the likes of Mike Swick, Rory Markham, Marcus Davis, and Akihiro Gono. His next fight was a title shot against current champion George St. Pierre. The bout went the distance and Hardy came up short, losing by decision to St. Pierre. Hardy was determined to jump right back into the mix of the division, and a victory over tough veteran Carlos Condit, would make a major statement for him.

Round 1: The crowd is really hype as both fighters come to the center of the Octagon. They square off briefly, then Condit fires off a quick leg kick. Seconds later, Condit fires off two more kicks, one low and one high. Condit throws two more leg kicks, and Hardy answers back with one of his own. They continue circling, feeling each other out. Condit continues to throw leg kicks as Hardy presses forward. Hardy throws a hard leg kick that lands, followed by an attempted high kick that Condit blocks. Hardy is the aggressor thus far, pushing the action and forcing Condit to back up. Condit lands two more leg kicks, while Hardy attempts a couple of punches. One lands, but is not too damaging. They continue to circle in the center.

After a minute and a half, neither has landed any strong blows. They both attempt leg kicks and punches. Hardy finally lands another hard leg kick and Condit backs up. A couple more soft jabs from Condit, then he answers back with a moderate leg kick of his own. Seconds later Condit puts together a nice combo with ends with a good leg kick to Hardy’s midsection. Hardy slightly blocks it but it gets through. The feeling out continues as they circle each other. Condit attempts a spinning elbow that just misses. Condit loosens up a bit and starts throwing high kicks. The first one misses, and Hardy blocks the second.

Hardy throws two left hooks, the first one almost lands, but the second one gets through. It backs Condit up slightly, then he comes right back with a good leg kick. Hardy attempts a high kick to Condit’s face that’s a little short. Seconds later, after throwing a couple of feints, Condit throws a solid
1-2 punch-kick combination that backs Hardy up slightly. Hardy smiles and re-engages. Hardy moves forward, throwing a couple of jabs and a front kick to Condit’s body.

They both appear to have loosened up tremendously, as now they are both throwing hooks, high kicks, body kicks, and leg kicks. With 1:00 left in the round they are going back and forth, trading shots in the middle of the ring. It has been a very competitive round which could go to either fighter. They continue trading punches in the center, and at the :35 mark, Condit catches Hardy with a solid left hook that drops him instantly to the canvas. Condit lands 1 or 2 more punches to Hardy’s face easily, because he appears to be out cold, and referee Dan Mirgliotta jumps in to stop the fight. Carlos Condit defeats Dan Hardy by KO in the first round.

Johny Hendricks Not Injured, Likes to Take on Georges St. Pierre

After a winning fight against Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks complained that he felt something on his left hand and feared that it may be broken or terribly injured. During the post-fight press conference, Hendricks was sure of this injury but then after contemplating on his next career move, was certain that he has suffered no injury at all.

And what Hendricks wants is a shot against Georges St. Pierre this August. Interviews by UFC Tonight confirmed the fighter’s great condition. The interview mentions that although Hendricks was afraid that he totally damaged is “dangerous left hand”, this was actually half true. He indeed felt he dislocated a couple of fingers in the early minutes of the fight with Condit but as the fight moved on, the injured fingers popped back into their original positions. He felt excruciating pain when all these happened but he said that he had to do what he had to do: to finish the fight for a full 15-minute. The interview also mentioned that Hendricks is sure to undergo x-rays just to confirm that there are no broken bones after all.

What Hendricks is really into is preparing for a match against Georges St. Pierre who is fresh from a unanimous decision win over Nick Diaz in UFC 158 headline fight last March 16, 2018. St. Pierre is in pure perfect form as he also awaits his next match this year.

To note, George “Rush” St. Pierre is 31 years young from St. Isidore, Quebec, Canada. He has a fantastic MMA record of 24 wins and just 2 losses. His win over Diaz was his 11th consecutive win since 2007 when he won via unanimous decision over Josh Koscheck at UFC 74- Respect in April 2007. St. Pierre has been in the business for more than a decade and is also a product endorser for muscle-building and health products.

Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks on the other hand is 2 years younger than St. Pierre but has a 15 win and only one loss MMA professional career. His last win over Carlos Condit in March 16, 2013 was his 6th consecutive win. His only defeat came from Rick Story at Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale in December 2010 via unanimous decision. His fight against Sr. Pierre will be a totally spectacular event that everyone will look forward to.

UFC 158 Results: Johny Hendricks defeats Carlos Condit

Kevin and George from the Uncut Sports Show weigh in on all of the exciting action from this weekend’s main card at UFC 158. Tune in to find out why Kevin and George chose this fight as their “Fight of the Night”.

In a battle from start to finish Johny Hendricks came up on top. Hendricks dominated the first two rounds with bundles of punches and take downs at will. However, the tides turned in the third when Condit started to put together combinations of his own. In the end, Hendricks ability to take down Condit at will proved to be the difference maker.