Brandon Vera Cut By The UFC

Once UFC hopeful, Brandon “The Truth” Vera has been released by the organization after his loss to Thiago Silva at UFC 125, according to FiveOunces.

With three straight losses in the UFC, Brandon Vera leaves the UFC with a pink slip and a crooked nose.

Sports Science: Brandon Vera Demonstrates Machida vs Shogun Kicking Styles

Sports Science breaks down the difference between the Muay Thai kick (Shogun) vs the Karate kick (Machida) with celebrity fighter Brandon Vera.

Brandon Vera’s Face Broken In Three Places Courtesy Of Jon Jones

The ultra hyped Brandon Vera vs Jon Jones slug fest at last nights UFC on Versus 1, ended prematurely after Jones landed a vicious elbow to Brandon Vera face, causing him to squints in pain. Steve Cofield confirmed that he broke his face in three different places and due to the severeness of the injuries, he can’t board a plane.

Jones gives credit to coach Greg Jackson’s ground and pound fighting system during last nights press conference,

“That elbow is all Greg Jackson. He has a very distinct ground and pound system. If you realize that Georges St. Pierre does the same style elbow, it’s a Team Jackson thing. I found my home. Everything is working”