UFC 145 Video: Easter Sunday Training With Arthur and Jon Jones

Big bother Arthur has been spending the off season helping little bro Jon Jones get prepared to face Rashad Evans at UFC 145. As you can see [Read more...]

Arthur Jones: Jon Jones Is a “Freak Child”, Will Be Heavyweight Champion

Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones thinks little brother Jonny bones will someday be the UFC heavyweight champion someday, here is what he told ESPN.

“I’m telling you, he’s going to be a heavyweight champion someday…Every sport he has ever played throughout high school — unlike me — he’s always been the captain. He’s always been the best on the defense. Always the best on the wrestling team. He is a born leader.
“I was a one-time state champ in wrestling in high school. He was a two-time state champ. He’s just a freak child.”