Alan Belcher: Detached Retina May End Fighting Career

Just as Alan Belchers UFC career is starting to peak, a new eye injury might force him out of the sport for good.

“I have a detached retina, just lost the vision in my right eye all of a sudden. Just happened all of a sudden man, pretty much over night. I was in Brazil training, I messed around there for a few days and then afterward I had to come home and have a surgery the day after I came home … There’s going to be more surgeries even at the best case scenario. Worst case scenario is I don’t get any better than this, I’m only working with one eye, I probably don’t want to risk fighting again because if I lose that one I’m going to be blind.” said Belcher

Alan Belcher Chokes Out Baby – Video

Alan “The Talent” Belcher shows how to properly secure the rear naked choke on his baby.

UFN 22: Alan Belcher vs Damian Maia

According to MMAFighting, Damian Maia and Alan “The Talent” Belcher is being targeted for UFC Fight Night 22. Both fighter have verbally agreed to the match up set for Sept. 15th.