Paulo Filho Released By The WEC, UFC Future Unlikely

In today’s edition of the Wrestling Observer, it is reported that WEC light heavyweight champion Paulo Filho has been released by the WEC following his humiliating loss to Chael Sonnen at WEC 36.

“Not only will Paulo Filho ’s middleweight championship be forgotten, but Filho himself will be after his performance on the show, as it’s all but a lock that Filho won’t be moved to UFC,” one excerpt states.

“There is zero criticism I’ve seen of (Zuffa) cutting Paulo Filho, who was 16-0 coming into his fight (vs. Chael Sonnen) but his cut wasn’t over money but that the person who was in that cage has no business fighting at this time,” writes Observer publisher Dave Meltzer [via FiveOuncesofPain]

Filho said in a recent interview that he will be moving to LA to train with Anderson Silva. Hopefully he can get things in his life turned around and someday show some of his great talent to a US audience.


  1. Who cares. Good ridence to Paulo Filho!

  2. Why was he released? didnt he relinquish his title due to him not making wait and losing? or was this due to his poor performance.

  3. No he didn't lose his belt because it wasn't an official "light heavyweight" fight since he didnt make weight. And if you watched the fight you understand why they said he has no business in the cage. All he kept doing was talking to himself and looking in wierd directions for what seemed to be no good reason.

  4. This guy is a bum. there is no excuse for a champion to not make weight. He doesnt deserve to be in the UFC>

  5. Completly agree. He has looked like a washed up Travis Lutter his past 2 fights and he didnt look that great against Doerkson either which should have been an easy win for him. I am glad they released him.Go back to japan where I can watch u for free on HDNET fights lol.

  6. He's a headcase … big deal so are 3/4 of the fighters. Take Leben for example …he's messed up and has had his share of drug/alcohol related incidents. But when did just quit during a fight? I mean filho was absolutely pathetic.

  7. I thought Spider Silva trained in Miami, not LA?

  8. im so upset about filho………

  9. Hes moving to LA. To train in the USA with Anderson Silva. Last I heard he did train in Miami cause that is where the Nog bros train I think it was just written confusing.

  10. PooPooPlatter says:

    Where do I get a shirt like the one Paulo has on?

  11. Go to the closest gay bar and u should be able to ask them where to get one.

  12. or just man up and rip the sleeves off of one of your moms shirts.

  13. dayday, you are still a retard. why do you hate gays?

  14. Nothing screams badass like a sleeve-less flannel shirt unbuttoned with thin chest hairs stickin out for the world to see. Is that a unibrow?

  15. dayday i thought that was actually funny and where did u say u hate gays? Damn whatever is after your ass haha.

  16. paul sucks

  17. not gay bashing or anything but wowwww that has got to be one of the gayest shirts i've seen since the 90's. I think filho was going for "sexy lumberjack" and instead ended up with something that screams "village people audition"

  18. fihlo wud get his ass handed to him in the UFC every fight would be a practice session for the other fighters. He knows that. and they know that.

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