Paulo Filho Bites Back At Comments Made By Gegard Mousasi

Paulo Filho,

“It’s his fault. He wants to talk, but the truth is he is afraid. He watched me in the past and I also watched him. He didn’t change his game too much. He’s the same: paper-thin and just put on some weight”

“The fight isn’t signed yet but it will happen. DREAM and Strikeforce have connection. Wherever he wants to face me off, we’ll fight. Be sure we will put on this challenge … Depending on the position I will punish him on the ground. All fights end up clinched and he falls easily. I’ll use my jiu-jitsu base to annul his game.”

Gegard Mousasi called out Filho as a roider who can’t hang in Athletic Commission regulated promotion. Today Paulo Filho fought back with some comments of his own.

Lets hope Strikeforce puts this middleweight fight together in the near future. One thing is for certain, Mousasi is right about Filho not preforming well in the US, this could be his chance to prove the critics wrong.


  1. hope this fight happens soon

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