Ouch! Karo Parisyan Handed A Nine Month Suspension, UFC 94 Win Overturned

karo parisyan

Today the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) handed down a stern penalty to UFC welterweight fighter Karo Parisyan for his positive test for painkillers at UFC 94. The commission handed down a 9 month suspension from fighting, a $32,000 fine and his UFC 94 split decision victory over Dong Hyun Kim will be ruled a NO CONTEST.

Parisyan tested positive for three banned painkillers, hydrocodone, hydromorphone and oxymorphone.

This is the first news coming out of today’s NSAC meeting. The commission is expected to address the Georges St. Pierre “GreaseGate” allegation by BJ Penn.


  1. that is painful, but he probally needs it.

  2. sucks, but oh well. I can't stand the guy.

  3. You know, I actually thought Dong won that fight anyway.

  4. i guess it corrects a bad decision but he get a rough punishment. hope he learned his lesson.

  5. yeah i think 9months is hard but whatever i did also think he lost his last fight so its cool

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