One Last Shot: Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz Weigh-in Video

Nick Diaz “Ask Frank about his faggy tattoo on the small of his back.” Nick Diaz took some last minute shots at Frank Shamrock at Fridays weigh-ins for Strikeforce “Shamrock vs. Diaz”.

Cris Cyborg weigh-in vidoe after the jump


  1. Diaz vs Shamrock is gonna be a badass fight. Both of these guys should be fighting in the UFC but Dana White is of course a pain in the ass and the reason they are not. I forgot Shamrock had a tattoo on the small of his back.

  2. richaaron says:

    It's gonna be great to see Frank Tatoo Nick's face…

  3. Man I just can't stand the Diaz Brother's. Always arrogant and running their mouthes.

  4. Haha. Both of these guys get me rolling every time I see them. Nick is always pissed off and Frank always has that cocky smile.

  5. Brett Rogers keeps winning, when are we going to see him in the ring with someone that will test him.

  6. yes,theres some nice tattoos here!

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