No Truth To Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping At UFC 105


Wanderlei Silva manager issues a statement, dismissing all rumors that Wandi will take on Michael Bisping at UFC 105,

“the rumors about Wanderlei fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 105 in Manchester or at any point are simply that, rumors….For some publication to say they have been given an exclusive statement on this from Team Wand is not truthful,” he added in a swipe at the blog that reported the fight earlier today claiming to have heard it from a member of Wanderlei‘s team…..This fight has not been discussed or offered to us by the UFC. Wand’s preference is to fight in February. He wants to take time off to heal his body and mind, and with his new gym in Las Vegas, he has business affairs and a growing team to attend to.” [FightersOnly]

That would have been a good matchup, oh well, maybe in February.


  1. Too Bad…That would of have been a interesting fight…Maybe it'll still happen…

  2. It's unfortunate Wandy wont have a chance to KO Bisping…

  3. dane drebin says:

    i would have loved it if they fed bisping to wand come on throw wand a bone!

  4. it would have been a great fight but what would wandi have done with the other 2 min and 51 seconds of the first round post flooring micheal "the ten -count" bisping

  5. "the ten count" ha, ha. Good nickname… More like "the 3 minutes count"…Ha, ha…Dan damned near killed him with that brutal KO…

  6. anyone else think the pic at the top of this post looks like the special ed kids are having a great day at the local gym?!…just me?

  7. I think there should now officially be a new way to lose: submission, DQ, stoppage, ko and KTFO…cause that's what happened to Bisping. Ufc 100 showed a lot of folks….run your mouth for THAT length of time and somebody bad is gonna shut it for you. Can I get a witness in the house of Gaw-awd?!

  8. Cobra Clutch says:

    Look! It's Zack practicing his "rear naked choke" to get out all that aggression! hahahaha.

  9. It was a matter of time, before someone knocked Bisping TFO. I couldn't have thought of anyone better to do it, then old Hendo boy…Dan kicks ass…

  10. Cobra Clutch! That's not right!!!! Anyone can clearly see the two boys in this pic are IN LOVE!!! There's obviously no ill intent in THEIR embrace…..but what kind of intent IS there….?hmmmmmm

  11. to further your point zachary, don't EVER…I mean EVER! Call out an olympic athelete, in his sport, on his home soil and to boot, disrespect and disregard the progress he has made for the cash cow who's teat you are currently sucking! Eat a D!@k Bisping!

  12. Corba Clutch, here you go again with gay crap…Didn't you see how everyone told you go get a hell out of here because your dumb. Why can't you stop talking about me??? I think your the gay one…Quit talking shit to me, a**hole…

    Is anyone else here with me about is douche???

  13. I'm just trying to play nice and just talk MMA, not talk shit…Go away….

  14. Corba Clutch quit talking crap about people, you look foolish in doing so….

  15. Zach! Quit responding to him. It's the only reason he keeps doing it… JEEBUS! Are you really that powerless as to not respond and have to take the bait? Let's keep this thread going about the fighters and the org's rise and fall, now, shall we.

  16. who should they make bisping fight next…I think, as punishment , they should arrange a fight with Spider. He'll fight lhw won't he? Or even a catchweight. God that would be beautiful to witness…..

    Ps. anyone listen to Jim Rome? He had Brock on today and Lesnar sounded like a completely different being than the maniac that destroyed Frank's face.(who would've thought the moto accident would deal less damage to him than Brock….well, not true…all that s#!t talk did THAT

  17. i would like to see it happen. i want to see bisping get KOed by wanderlei. and that would make wanderlei's night as well.

  18. Dana doesnt want bisping to lose are you crazy. Bisping has all of the charisma that brings in the bucks. Tito modeled that. Tito is an average fighter with big pay per views. Bisping holds the UK audience on his shoulder. Dana would have fed him an easy opponent if Bisping didnt open his big mouth to UK reporters talking about how he 'wanted to fight the best.' Now hes got it. He'll fight Wanderlei Silva and probably get knocked out.

  19. i think Dan Hardy will probably headline the event tbh.

  20. I’m trying to stay on topic…I will try to ignore his ass…Talk all the crap you want Cobra Clutch, it just makes you look stupid and immature…

  21. man i was hoping this fight was going to happen, how much more bad news are we going to get this week first kimo is alive, than barnett test positive and now this. and i was hoping to see bisping get knocked out again.

  22. oh, it WILL happen, maybe not by wandi, but he has to fight someone next. And Dana has a nasty habit of giving guys progressively tougher comp once he starts to smell their fear or see their weaknesses. Bisping is most definitely NOT gonna like his next match, but he really doesn’t have any other choice than to honor his contract, does he?….How dare he s#!t on the country responsible for making him a wealthy limey ass SOB. and one of it’s sons. Few class acts left out there like Randy, Hendo, Franklin………..alright, damnit! Even GSP…..i really hated having to do that.

  23. this is the best picture in the history of

  24. i don't know, I still love the turkey and the dead bird photo from last thanksgiving

  25. There is a poster you can buy with this exact picture with a caption underneath that says Jiu Jitsu: It's only gay if you look into eachother's eyes.

  26. that's so awesome

  27. whodini says:

    its not arear naked choke … its a reach around … lol

  28. hmm….They look a little to happy to be grappling together.

  29. ….grappling, spooning….it all leads to forking!

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