No MMA For You Vancouver!

MMA in Vancouver is no more. Vancouver city councilors voted Monday night to disband the North Vancouver Athletic Commission, putting an end to future MMA and boxing events in the city.

“I’ve watched enough of it (Ultimate Fighting Championship) channel surfing to know that I find it repugnant … barbaric,” said Coun. Pam Bookham [NSO]

UFC 115′s financial impact was apparently not enough to convince city officials of the benefit MMA has on the city.


  1. Hmmm, so I guess all of the Junkies they're plagued with aren't repugnant and the Asian gangs aren't Barbaric eh?

    Maybe they should focus on their cities' REAL problems and not worry about things that are good for the city via bringing in revenue.

    Pam Bookham you're a tool

  2. Businessman says:

    Another reason why Canada sucks!

  3. douchy comments like that are another reason why YOU suck.

  4. floppy little heads and beady little eyes…

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