Nick Diaz’s Unprofessional Style Makes GSP One Angry Man

Georges St. Pierre will be cheering for Nick Daiz this weekend so he could get a chance at him later this year.

“I am very nervous that Carlos Condit will win on Saturday night, and that I won’t be able to fight Nick Diaz this summer. I feel bad, it is weird that I want him to lose, but I have never wanted to fight anyone as much as I want to fight Diaz. I don’t truly hate him as a person. I don’t know that he is a bad guy, but I hate what he brings to the sport with the disrespect and the unprofessional things he says and does. It is sort of a professional hatred. He has been nothing but disrespectful and arrogant towards me. During UFC 137 (week) I felt like I had to walk around Las Vegas with my fists ready (to punch Diaz) because every time I came across him he wanted to fight there and then. Every time the elevator opened (in the hotel) I needed to be ready to fight in case he stepped in. I was on edge all week. This guy is crazy. I am used to hearing (smack) talk from opponents, Matt Serra did it, Dan Hardy did it, and Josh Koscheck did it, but with Diaz he has taken it to another level. He and his coach (Cesar Gracie) have called me a coward and tried to disrespect my accomplishments. All that has done though is make me determined to beat him up. He will bring out the best in me, I will be 100% focused, like a bomb-expert defusing a time bomb. When my back is against the wall and I have no choice but to win, when I cannot lose to this person under any cost, that is when I am most dangerous.” [UFC]

George is currently sidelined till late spring-summer as he rehabs his knee after having ACL reconstruction surgery.

I bet we’ll hear more about this as GSP is scheduled for a UFC Fight Club Question and Answer at UFC 143.


  1. PoppyNick says:

    Can't wait for Diaz to beat his ass.

  2. Cant waite for that half witt Diaz who cant talk or put two words together to get his ass beat to the ground.

    • PoppyNick says:

      LOL…..funny you can't "waite". Looks like you can't put two words together either. Nick obviously is not the smartest guy but you can't argue the fact that the kid is a fighter and is tough….no way you can deny that.

      • @ Poppynick, yes I have to give him respect as a fighter hes earned that right wont argue with you, but he is still thick as pig shit and yes i can't waite for GSP to make a fool of him like he did to BJ. The reason i think that GSP will beat Diaz is not because he is a better fighter no Diaz is awsome but because he is so athletic that i dont think Diaz will be able to handle it.

  3. Rod, you can't spell for $hit, Diaz is a retard, GSP is the lamest Champ there is. With that said, I'd rather see Diaz as Champion than an obscurely gay wrestle humping skinhead with a French Canadian accent since Diaz comes to fight and GSP cums during fights.

    • If GSP is so lame then why is he the biggest draw in the UFC? His fights have the highest ratings. I wish he had a killer instinct too but damn you have to admit he's a bad ass in the cage.

  4. Ron Pauly says:

    I can't wait for GSP to retire. Nick Diaz should be champion by default just for being fun to watch.

  5. he spelled wit wrong too

  6. If that is so about GSPit doesnt say much for the fighters in the UFC since GSP dominates everyone he fights so all the fighters must be even more gay than him lol lol lol.

  7. Nick Diaz will make GSP fight. I have no doubt GSP can scrap, I never said he can't fight. I just said he's lame. Lame due to the lack of desire to finish fights. He hardly throws punches with meaning behind them anymore. His kicks are half assed, even his ground and pound isn't what it used to be. He's content with just doing enough to earn the unanimous nod. That, in my opinion, is not what a champion does. This is reminiscent of Tim Sylvia (the absolute whackest champion ever). Sylvia was a beast before becoming champion. Then it appeared more like he was raped by a beast.

  8. @ TVO how lame can he be when he totally dominated BJ and Matt Hughs two of the greatest fighters the UFC has seen, he just doesn't go about it the same way Diaz does. At the end of the day they both are world class i just feel sorry for Diaz every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a complete retard.

    • I agree with the Diaz comment. He's a f'in idiot. That's probably why he can take shots, thick skull, miniscule brain matter.

  9. expatexpat says:

    WoW lots of talk about the paper Champ gsp…what gsp wants is for diaz to loose the fight so he can say see he not really that good in his broken english french accent ass. gsp is a punk that lives in the gym, just poke him in the eye diaz and watch him cry like a little baby. condit is good there is no doubt but he is similar to the cowboy. and why all this gsp shit…the fight is diaz and condit. gsp the paper champ your days are numbered regardless who wins the fight.

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